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Fantasy books are just a fiction of your imagination.
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If you've seen one Asgardian, you've seen Heimdall.
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What happens when you're off on the value of π by only 0.3%?

You die a day early.

(Too soon?)
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Trying to write a 20-way join with what looks like it's going to be about 12 CTEs: "I'm not trying to complexify this - it's complexificated enough on its own."
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Talking to a coworker about some planned SQL:

Coworker (facetiously): What's a union?
Me: I think it's the opposite of a confederacy.
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The "Paper Type" in my output preferences is blank. I think this is causing printing to crash. I didn't think I had changed anything except maybe the regular java updates - anyone have any ideas what I should be looking for?

(Running on Linux)

My 8-year-old wanted some extra screen time. He had had enough, so I said he could have some extra time if he could spell three words. The first one was "the". The next one was "and". And the third one was "antidisestablishmentarianism."

He didn't get the extra screen time. :)
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"Doctor, my foot hurts."
"Yeah, I shot it."
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"That's just splitting hares. Which isn't as hard as splitting hairs, but far more messy."
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