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I have a one question.

Do transgender women use the male dosages or the female dosages?

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Fake news. Just out to inflame the situation. Alarmism taken to the extreme.

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I usually use alcohol to explain to laypeople the concept of dose-response relationships. And, if they still don't get it, I use more alcohol.

To me, confirmation bias explains a lot of human behaviour. But maybe that's just because it's what I already think.

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Um, who exactly said girls can't code? I've never heard that one before. I've heard lots of reasons for why the disparity, but this one is new.

Good satire requires dealing with real issues, not strawmen.

I don't give my employer 110%. Because I'm good at math.

"Everything was going well until ..."

Seems like business as usual for coding.

Note to self: before posting, I should proof read fist.
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