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Gorgeous stained glass posters of iconic ’80s movies

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Malabar Rock Pool in #Maroubra - a place for reflection.

Photo by Laurence Dryer Photography

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The latest entry in the Cosmic Log Space Advent Calendar: “Starry Night” at sea. Greenish phytoplankton swirls in the dark water surrounding Sweden's Gotland Island in the Baltic Sea, evoking the look of Vincent van Gogh's famous painting "Starry Night" in a photo acquired by the Landsat 7 satellite. Click through to see a far larger version of this spectacular image!:

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What happens on the news when the content of your product is just too hardcore? If you can successful Identify the "Guru" we are portraying in this video, please do so in the comments! Read more

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IMWithJamie Worksheets {4 comments}
~ Jamie Lewis: HAHAHAHA
~ Matthew Ferraro: FSWithJamie! LMFAO!
~ Jamie Lewis: Food stamps?
~ babyboy: I need my fucking shit white boy
الخطة {2 comments}
~ Matthew Ferraro: Jamie, love the new radio show, you have inspired me in every way, impressive!
~ : Live Righteously And Treasure The Journey, Kommissar . Have You Yet Mastered The Art Of Lassanga Ole Wise Embarrassingly Wealthy One, Still Friends . Continued Prosperity And Success . =>Stay Frosty !
وBIO بدس معظم نهاية المطاف من أي وقت مضى {8 comments}
~ Matthew Ferraro: You can do it brother, go get Wealth In A Box, he'll show you how to do it step by step... build a few websites about something your passionate about, use the multiple social media outlets and other various ad forms and drive traffic to it... explore his site a little further.. Matt AKA EC
~ Stan: Hahahahah the last video is fucking EPIC!!! Jamie finally got rid of that virgin weirdo lol ...
~ Himiko: Hi jamie ! would you contact me via I would like to ask some questions thanks !
~ Yonnette: hi i can help you make money contact me at my
~ shootie: as we speak jamie will offer hugs to the millions go to to apply. love ShooTIE
~ nadine jackson: please help make the money u are make please
~ Aleksandar Stepanovic: I have read all. I can say its just awesome,amazing story, looking forward to work with you, contact me on skype aleksa8328
~ Joe McKenzie: Very good Jamie you are the real deal, I would like to learn how to start to make 100.00 a day ASAP
~ Matthew Ferraro: He is the best and there is nobody else like him, this is a promise... I you will never meet another man or marketer like him.. he is one of a kind!
~ Keely : Jamie, I'm trying to purchase your Goldmine offer but the form won't work?? I've tried to contact your support and heard nothing! Can you help?
~ Samuel S. Isimeimen: I loved this Jamie. Get me further details. Thanks.
~ mscalzo: I am new to learning how to make money online. You are a teacher I like a lot. Please place me on your mailing list. Thx, mscalzo
مقالات من {2 comments}
~ theDOC: Jamie...I really don't think that if I just write about Drugs is going to be very interesting. My accumulated lifetime knowledge is another story. When I first stopped working in a Pharmacy, I became a professor and the students just went nuts. I would have a hard time keeping the class under control because I have a very acerbic wit. I would love to talk with you 1 to 1 sometime. It really helps to get positive feedback ...........
~ Kenmo: Jamie Lewis is Kisck-Ass. Seems like a cool down to earth dude. Maybe a slight chip on his shoulder over the sheer idiocracy of the IM wannabee's that are lazy ass shits, but hey why wouldn't that piss you off..... anyway, I love to buy that man a drink
My African Children {8 comments}
~ theDOC: Seeing you there makes me realize how fugly he really is.....LOL!!!! Thanks for making me laugh today!!!
~ as guest: LOL My first laugh of the day!!!! TY Jamie!!! And I really wanted to see the movie on the home page "Guess the Guru" and it did not work!! RRRRRR But this got me laughing. Oh btw; what train is that guru on w/ the nyc map?? just asking...maybe he is lonely...LOL
~ pdj: Jaime you are AWESOME!!!! You tell it like it is, and yes you can be some what crude at times, but hey I'm learning from you, and that's ALL GOOD!!! I've literally purchased thousands of dollars on product that to this day I have gotten 0 dollars from!! Can you believe that?? I feel for us newbies, chasing every dream (scam/guru-asses)) out there. So for the rest of you who are just jealous, maybe you should take an imwithjaime class (or many of the others that he has) and you'll learn to become a better leader in the e-commerce world! Hail Jaime!!

~ anindita: Why does Jamie need to trash EN? Does it mean he acknowledges that they are his rivals? Then, whom do we trust? Jamie, the Davids or who?
~ Hatdance: Ha, Ha, ha! I'm glad I'm not the only one that realizes MLM is just a money suck with no value added! There are some marketers I no longer respect because they got into this scam. It is just taking advantage of the uninformed.
~ : hahahah i love this. lucky me i had no money to invest in his project at the time so i went and did the hard rout and learn how to build sites with note pad now i know how to use wordpress :D
~ Marc Rodill: Your Dave Wood impression is the funniest shit ever.
~ Jamie Lewis: I love the "We sent our kids to private school for 12 years" part. Was that a joke?
~ Devon Dudeman: If you just lost your job, then EN would be one of the last places to go for help. You'll just give them more money that you don't have. Read up on this site, since it has plenty of info for you (for FREE) to get going. No lie.
~ Jamie Lewis: LOL
~ Mike: Jamie, why would you do that to them (Dave&Dave)? I've seen the EN program. What's your point? I just lost my job, and I'm looking to get some fast income. We NEED it. We have no savings, after sending our kids to private school for 12 yrs. on one income.
My African Children {3 comments}
~ Positivep: Hey Jaime, I've been searching for someone. Someone with the truth. I've been around for few years and come across some of the fakes out there. I won't mention names. Just want to tell you that I've been watching you, in a good way...:-) I bought your $1 course a few years ago when I first started out. Of course I dropped out. I had so many fake people coming at me that I couldn't tell who wasn't. But, guess what? I know now know....! And I'm back....:-) Thanks for all the valuable information you're sharing. Some I've heard you talk about years ago. Thanks.. Btw, you drive like a crazy New Yorker...!
~ Jamie Lewis: Praise the lord!!!!!
~ j: Seek Jesus and HE will solve all of your problems, nothing else will. God Bless.
Official Jamie Lewis BIO {6 comments}
~ Samuel S. Isimeimen: Hi Jamie, What order means of payment can I use! I need your assistance. Jamie, PLEASE assist me. I really, really need your assistance. Thanks!
~ Samuel S. Isimeimen: Hi Jamie, What order means of payment can I use! I need your assistance. Jamie, PLEASE assist me!
~ Jamie Lewis: Dude, sorry Clicksure the retailer I do not think accepts payment from Nigeria.
~ Samuel S. Isimeimen: Look, what I will call the worst is that Clickbank, Clicksure and Paypal do not include my country in the list of country to participate in the list of businesses and to own account with them. I would like to work with you PLEASE. Help me out please. My email. Samuel Sylvester Isimeimen from Nigeria
~ Samuel S. Isimeimen: Hi Jamie, How are you and your business? Jamie, I'm Samuel Sylvester Isimeimen from Nigeria. A friend sent me your new promotion about The Last Goldmine. Look, I tried to make payment but I could not because its international and I really really need your assistance on online marketing. I have been online for sometime going from one affiliate to another but I have not make any money yet.

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