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I wished for a 64gb white ipad

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one other video that i find amazing

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well this is another one of my fave songs that has expired me ecspecially that original version

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Here's the first posting from the New York CIty workshop/photowalk that we did in November 2012. It's the Empire State Building.
PS: You can sign up for the Chicago Workshop as of now - check this post for information:
PPS (March 25, 2013): This photo was created using NIK software. Google/NIK just released the complete NIK collection with a reduction of 70%. On top of that you can use this discount code to get an additional 15% off:  JEwHGbsNMB

Some notes: I've been using the brand new Hitech IRND Prostop2 filters generously provided by Hitech Format. For now I can say that I've definitely put aside my trusty B+W ND filters and will be using the Hitech IRND filters only: they're simply very neutral and they come as screw on and rectangular filters. As you know I'm very critical in my selection of filters, this is something I can really recommend.
These filters will become available first at Amazon and B&H in the weeks to come. 
Thanks Rod Clark!

Technical info:
2 x Hitech IRND "Prostop 2 - totaling 16 stops
17 mm
316s (5m16sec) exposure
Lightroom 4.0
PS CS6 - Silver Efex Pro 2 

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I got a video to share with you its kind of long but enjoy

I'm going to share a story to get my emotions out so enjoy.

One night you are at a party with your best friends (lets make them 1D)
So since they were the popular kids at school they could invite you if they wanted. You weren't exactly the popular type ,so the guy hosting the party was surprised.
guy: Ummm...why did you invite her.
(I was standing there at the moment and felt really ashamed)
Zayn: So what your bluffing right.
guy:yeah right no one likes her.
Niall:I guess your blind or something can you see how pretty she is, and intelligent,and so just wow?
guy:forget about it
(he knew it was true but he just wanted to seem like the hot shot)
the girls name was Persephany
Persephany: (Sadly but yet happy that the guys were so nice and thoughtful) Ummm...Guys i should go i knew i should of never came.
Harry: Awwww come on don't listen to him.
Louis:Yeah don't listen to him
Liam: Your amazing okey don't listen to some stuck up guy
(A tear runs down your face)
Zayn grabs your hand as you try to leave through the door.
Zayn: Don't cry babe its all right just stay to see if things get better.
Persephany: K...
(For the rest of the party till the rest before the end, Persephany just sits on the couch. Zayn walks up to her and says come on have a good time.
Persephany: No thanks.
(Zayn then sits next to her while the rest of the guys are off doing other things) P.S. all of the guys had a crush on her.
Zayn: Are you still bummed out about that guy?
Persephany: No...Yes...Maybe...I don't know.
Zayn: Ummm... What if I said I have always liked you.
(Persephany smerks while she softly blushes, and also the guys all confessed to each other that they liked her and well you will find out the rest)
Persephany: Uhhh..I don't know what to say.
Zayn: You don't have to say anything just let me say the rest.
(They lean in together to kiss, slowly their lips toch and they are stuck in a trance, they soon stop and Persephany blushes) 
Persephany: I didn't think you would be my first.
Zayn: Your first? Your bluffing right someone as beautiful as you.
Persephany: Yeah.
Zayn: Well can I also, be your second?
(Persephany if flattered then, before she can react they are kissing once more, the guys walk up and are heart broken)
Harry:Dude are you kidding me (Harry looks like he is about to start tearing up)
Zayn: Oh hey Harry (He says nervously)
Louis:You knew but yet you just step in!
Persephany:Knew what?
Liam:That we all liked you.
Persephany: You what?
Zayn:I'm sorry guys I like her too, I'm sorry.
(They all go home that day)
The next day passes by (from that day on Persephany smerks when ever she see's the boys. But the boys ignore her and Zayn, she feels some what guilty for not knowing sooner her dreams are crushed.
WILL THE BOYS EVER GET BACK TOGETHER? Will Persephany find out witch one she truly loves? Yes but I am feeling as if this is going to turn out as a book so yeah THE END!!!

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