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Concrete Construction Ideas, Tips, and News
Concrete Construction Ideas, Tips, and News

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Wood is a gorgeous material, but it requires a great deal of care and maintenance. It would be nearly impossible to have a wood countertop in your outdoor kitchen, as it would be exposed to all four seasons of New Jersey weather, including the harsh snows in winter and hot temperatures in the summer. Concrete countertops from ThermoConcrete provide the perfect alternative. These countertops are made of concrete but look like wood to the untrained eye. This allows homeowners to enjoy all the benefits of concrete with the appearance of wood.

Durability and Easy Maintenance

Because concrete countertops are actually made of concrete composite, they require virtually no upkeep. The durable concrete can handle rain or snow as well as temperatures from below zero all the way up to the warmest summer days. Because of this durability, countertops excel in outdoor kitchens, where they can add to the rustic charm without requiring a great deal of maintenance. They don’t even have to be covered when it rains, like you would have to do with wood countertops.


The manufacturing process behind concrete countertops is part of the reason that they look so realistic. Each countertop is hand-cast. The casting itself is custom-made for a home or business owner’s needs, depending on the size and shape of the countertop as well as the type of wood they want it to look like. Thanks to various stains and the use of embedded custom iron dovetails, it is possible to have contractors from ThermoConcrete install a countertop that looks like your favorite type of wood. If the countertop will be going in a covered area, you can even select a concrete table with a live edge featuring bark. You can also choose to have leaves embedded within the wood-like pattern to enhance the appearance.

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