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Philip Karlberg presents in his project 33 RPM deserts in a new and creative way: spinning on vinyl records. Besides having an interesting idea on how to
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Winner of the Fine Art section of the annual Hasselblad photography contest, Chritian Tagliavini is a Switzerland based photographer.
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As promised, we're gonna continue with our series on noteworthy photographers and their work. This week's pick are Dan Mountford's double exposure
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A new series of articles on Camera Obscura - Photographers to note.
The first one to be featured: Pep Ventosa. cc +pep ventosa
This articles marks the beginning of a weekly series which will present noteworthy photographers and their work. For the first article, I have decided to
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Ivan Makarov originally shared:

OK, let's do this! Let's collect all your images and put the book together!

General Guidelines

1. What we're looking for is your favorite photograph from 2011. It can be any style - you make the choice. However, submit just one.

2. With that said, let's make submission safe-for-work friendly. It's a book we should not be afraid to show to our young children.

3. If you know third parties may have the rights to your image (i.e., it was a paid shoot), make sure you have a model/property release on file.

4. We plan on publishing the book in three forms - print (via Blurb), ebook (PDF), and as an iOS/Android app. We do mention web-site form in the license agreement, but only few images will be published there to illustrate the project, and for promotional purposes only. I'll contact the artists separately for that.

5. I will need each participant to sign the license, scan it and submit it together with images. These days, you can easily do it with a smart phone app. I use "DocScanner" app on my iPhone for these kinds of things.

6. Once the deadline for submission passed, it's over and we won't be accepting any images. We need to draw the line somewhere. It may offend people, but we hope nine days is enough of a window to accommodate everybody.

Requirements for submission

1. Send image you're submitting to the project in jpeg form, in full resolution (minimum of 2000 pixels on the longest side) to

2. Print, sign, scan and attach the completed license agreement to your image. Note that all sections have to be completed. Images with incomplete agreements will not be published. Link to the agreement -

3. Include the following info with your image in the email: (1) image title, (2) your name, (3) your hometown and country, (4) link to your G+ profile, (5), link to your web-site (if any)

4. Before submission deadline, publicly share your image to your stream, mentioning the project, and adding any background you want adding. We will then link all images in the ebook and app to your posted image to make our project truly interactive (see previous update in my stream for info). Make sure you add #PlusOneCollection tag to your post

Please send all submission by the end of January 22 (11:59pm California time).

That's it! Questions? Leave them in comments.

After that, stay tuned to project updates by following our +Best of 2011 - G+ Photography Book page. We still plan on publishing this by the end of January.

To make sure all volunteers see this, I'm going to mention everybody below. Sorry if I missed anybody - literally had to type this by hand.
+Abhinaya Murthy +Abigail Thompson +Al Nesbit +Alan Allum +Alessandro Baffa +Alex Gage +Alex Koloskov +Alicia Johnson +Andrew Sanigorski +Andy Gray +Andy Milner +Antonello C +April Joy Peterson-Gutel +Arshad Siddiqui +Asaki Abumi +Athena Carey +BJ Bolender +Barry Blanchard +Ben Locke +Bernard Van Isacker +Bert Knabe +Bianca Nerlich +Bill Hutson +Bill Nash +Bill Wells +Billy Wilson +Brent Fishman +Brian Day +Brian Matiash +Brian Spencer +Bruce Hemingway +CML Brown +Carlos Cruz +Carole Buckwalter +Chris Chabot +Chris Gachot +Chris Nixon +Chris Smith +Christianna Pierce +Christine Walker +Christopher Multop +Clark Crenshaw +Craig Pifer +Crystal Wheelhouse +D. Allen Martin +D.W. Elimagenero +Daan Hansen +Dado Molina +Damien Grillat +Damien Walker +Dan dannyboy Ragsdale +Daniel Cheong +Daniel Clements +Daniel Dryden +Daniel Enloe +Daryl Olander +Dave Cox +Dave Powell +Dave Wilson +David Cleland +David Kellin +David Plowchalk +David Richter +David Rousselle +Dawn Carl +Deanna Sparks-Kjorlien +Delfin Abzueta +Denis Llagami +Diana Brennan +Diana Dominguez +Dirk Heindoerfer +Dirk Vi +Dorian Stretton +Doug Kaye +E. Scot Crawford +Ed Hamlin +Elaine Baylon +Elia Locardi +Elle Schroder +Enzo De Martino +Eric James Leffler +Eric Suhm +Eric Z +Erica Joy +Erika Stahoski +Eustace James +Fabio Bucchieri +Fedor Pikus +Felix Wagner +Folletto Folletto +Fran Ruchalski +Francesco Gallarotti +Francesco Gola +Francis Gagnon +Frank Domahs +Frank van Es +Gary Harris +Gavin Dunbar +Gavin MacMillan +Geert Vermeiren +Geoff Walker +Geoff Yale +Gerard Charnley +Gerd Tschebular +Gianpaolo Jumpi Campiglia +Giles McGarry +Giovanni Savino +Graham Jeffery +Grant Murray +Gretchen Chappelle +Guillermo del Pozo +Gwenette WriterSinclair +Hans ter Horst +Hartmut Albert +Heidemarie Kueck +Heidi Anne Morris +Heiko Köster +Helene Kobelnyk +Hengki Koentjoro +Holger Steinmann +Ian Good +Ingo Meckmann +J. Henry Goins +JC Sors +Jackson Carson +Jacob James +Jacson Querubin +Jake Johnson +Jakob Tertel +James Martinson +Jared Knutzen +Jason Kowing +Javier Acosta +Jean Day +Jeff Burton +Jeff Harper +Jeff M +Jeff Niemoeller +Jeff Vyse +Jennifer Luzio +Jeff Vyse +Jennifer Luzio +Jens Ceder +Jeremy Brooks +Jerry Kiesewetter +Jessey Storm +Jillian Chilson +Jim Austin +Jim Davis +Jim Patterson +Jo Garrett +Joe Azure +Joel Tjintjelaar +Joerg Jung +John Kaminski +John King +John Kosmopoulos +John McDevitt +Jon Savage +Jonathan Goody +Jose Arias Vallejo +Jose Martinez +Joseph Belcher +José María Cuéllar +Josh Bozarth +Joshua Chaitin-Pollak +Joshua David Curtis +Juan Gonzalez +Jukka Tilus +Julia Anna Gospodarou +Julia Su +Julie Mellors +Justin Hill +Justin Spelbrink +Kab Yaj +Kana Yamashita +Karen Hutton +Karl Maskos +Karl Williams +Kate Church +Kees Smans +Keith Dixon +Keith Dixon +Kellianne Hutchinson +Kelly-Shane Fuller +Kenneth Chu +Kerry Murphy +Kevin Hamel-Ramanjooloo +Kevin Lemere +Kieran O'Connor +Kiki Nelson +Kimmo Vornanen +Kirk Daniel Carter +Kol Tregaskes +Kurt Harvey +Lars Clausen +Lars-Ove Törnebohm +Laura Dochtermann +Laura Loralieh Nixon +Laura Lupascu +Lori Seebeck +Lotus Carroll +Lucille Galleli +Lucretia Yeh +Luis dos Santos +Lyman Winn +Lynda Cochrane +Lynne Goodwin +Marc Evans +Marcus Sant'Anna +Mari Wirta +Marian Hilditch +Marina Chen +Mario Cerroni +Mark Esguerra +Mark Forman +Mark Hall +Mark Owen Crespo +Marko Haatanen +Martin Lippert +Matt Lambros +Matt Shalvatis +Matthew Creech +Melanie MP +Melly Sh Y Hardt +Melody Migas +Michael Diblicek +Michael Hensley +Michael Muraz +Michel Marin +Michel Ventri +Michele Atwater +Mihai Crisan +Mihailo Radičević +Mike Moschitta +Mitchell Masilun +Mo Tabesh +Monique Yates +Moon Lee +Murray Robertson +Mykal Hall +Mylah Nazario +Nathan Wirth +Nay Lin Soe +Neil Howard +Nick Stankus +Neil Howard +Nick Stankus +Niclas Sparr +Nicolai McCrary +Jessey Storm +Olav Folland +Olivier Du Tré +Ontoshiki Vun +PJ Ammidon +Padraic MoodCollector +Patrick Smith +Paul Kelly +Paul Porter +Paul Roustan +Paul Wright +Paulissa Kipp +Paulo Gonçalves +Pete Donohue +Phil Spitze +Phillip Colla +Putik Dhiraramanti +QT Luong +Rajesh Gunasekaran +Rajiv Mundayat +Randy Brogen, CPP +Ray Villarosa +Renee Stewart Jackson +Ricardo Lagos +Ricardo Williams +Richard A. Heckler +Richard Preston +Richard Tang +Rob Mcilroy +Rob Packer +Robby Bowles +Robert Scoble +Robin Griggs Wood +Roger Reeves +Rosa Frei +Russ Barnes +Rznag Rmrod +Samu Puuronen +Sandy Schepis +Sarang Naik +Sasha Sobol +Sassi Sassmannshausen +Scott Detweiler +Scott Frederick +Scott Jarvie +Scott Norris +Sebastian Kobs +Sharon Thomas +Siggi Ragnar +Silex Anthropos +Stefan Bäurle +Stefanie Loges +Stephen Candler +Steve Gill +Steve-Maxx landeros +Steven Marra +Sudheendra Kadri +Susana Segat +Suzanne Graham +Tana Teel +Tavi Meyer +Teodor Negru +Thomas Hawk +Thomas Paris +Thomas Raymond +Thomas Schaller +Todd Green +Todd Gunderson +Todd Dye +Tom Hallam +Tony Manco +Travis Montgomery +Travis Wise +Trey Ratcliff +Tricia McDonald Ward +Trisha Standard +Trond Lindholm +Ugo Cei +Vicki Wilson +Vincent McMillen +Vincent Mo +Vivienne Gucwa +Víctor Nuño +Wallace Darwen Brindle +Wendy Walker Cushing +Wes Lum +Will Hammer +William Storage +Zach Eggert +adithya anand +bish s +dene' miles +edward elliott +helen sotiriadis +john hanson +mamo delpero +margrieta jeltema +mark waslick +neha singh +shane holsclaw +shirley lo +sly vegas +spencer brown +timm burgess +torkil storli +will s
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Think you can create a beautiful photo remake? Join the "Art: Reloaded" photo challenge & win an iPad! Enter now:
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As said last week, each Sunday we will present the work of a noteworthy photographer. For this week's article, I have chosen to showcase the work of the German
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A fun project for a boring winter's night.
Cine s-ar fi putut gândi că uleiul de bucătărie poate fi atât de amuzant? Priviți această imagine. Nu, nu este vreo imagine prelucrată în Photoshop. Ci, pur și simplu, imaginea unor bul [Citeste]...
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The latest issue of Camera Obscura is out! :) Let us know what you think of it!
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