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Courtnie S. (QtKnee)
Family, art, music, gardening, home, and Halloween!! What else is there?
Family, art, music, gardening, home, and Halloween!! What else is there?

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Whole 30
I will spare you my food pictures and recipes. Your welcome.  I was really excited when I heard about the whole 30. I have been struggling with some skin and stomach issues for the past few years that were not easily explained. I don't eat like crap and I a...

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Halloween 2015
Jack in the box

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Jack in the Box
Jack in the box: 1/4 " plywood 1/4" foam board Construction adhesive Cpvc Chain Oops paint

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Halloween 2015

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Ticket booth
Work in progress

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Support your local home haunt.

Really. Drive around your neighborhood in early October and see who is putting out decorations, or building a frame, or laying webs across bushes.

Make a note, mental or otherwise, to come back here at the end of the month. If you have plans on October 31st, come back on the 30th.

If you see someone out front building, painting, cutting, stuffing, carving, or putting up decorations, please stop and chat.

Most haunters are friendly and social and love to talk about their work. What to ask a haunter...:

#1 How did you make that?
#2 How long have you been haunting?
#3 What do the neighbors think of all this?
#4 Thanks for doing this, my kids will love it!
#5 How gory is it? I want to ensure its appropriate for my __ year old.

That last one is important since haunt scare levels vary from cute sparkly Disney, to face melting gore fest. Be sure you understand what you are about to go see. If it's not appropriate for your age group, don't go in.

Note: ask the owner if there is a "Safe Hour" or "Safe Mode" that is child friendly. In my haunt we use the safe word peanut butter so the actors know to be friendly instead of scary.

So go look around. Drive around. Talk to neighbors, see what they know. Haunters love what they do, but they love it more if you go get your scare on.

Ps - let them know you enjoyed it. :)
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