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Brandon Schatz
You grow it, I'll cut it.
You grow it, I'll cut it.

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Forgot about this. I should not do that.

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Need to share this. Because sometimes, a guy needs to draw a hat.
If you want to learn how to draw hats -- y'know...those 1940's detective-style fedoras that you see in the movies -- then take a look at these scans from a couple of old drawing books...

Google's doodle today. That was some nifty stuffs.

Dear weekend mornings: die in a fire, hmmkay? Thaaaaaaanks.

Turns out, all my story needed as a wall crack in time and space - from which you can smell old and/or future memories.

Yeah, I kind've didn't want to sleep tonight anyway...

First thing I did once I got the google plus? Made a few puns, told a few jokes, and then added "comics" and "james van der beek" to my Sparks.

Yeah, you wish you were attractive like this.
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