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Filip Hráček
Google employee in the Dart team; gamebooks and pancakes enthusiast
Google employee in the Dart team; gamebooks and pancakes enthusiast

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No red pixels in this picture.

The original author's twitter feed is fun to scroll through:
From the article: "the light source that your brain interprets to be on the scene has got this blueish component".

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YouTube TV: Yes please!

This is a launch I've been waiting for and am eager to see. The major things I watch on TV are sports and excellent programming from Showtime and others. Looks like on day one they pretty much have 90% of what I need set. Ready for this. Nice work +Stephen Lau and team!

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Outrage makes money, so it's only logical that there are now media companies like 'American News LLC' that run news outlets for opposite ends of the political spectrum.

They take real news or create fake ones, and make sure they're worded in a way that makes their target audience furious (and that agrees with the audience's world view).

The naive response is "well, people will just stop reading those after they find out they're being fed bullshit". That hasn't been the case.

I've seen very clever and otherwise-rational people share completely fake stories from sites like RussiaToday, just because they told about something that enraged them and that 'verified' their suspicions. When you try to correct the obvious lie, it's too late. The audience is already sold on the 'alternative fact', and cognitive dissonance makes them perform logical acrobatics (e.g. "the data doesn't match what I believe, therefore it's fake", or "it's just mainstream media propaganda" or "it's a powerful lobby of scientists with hidden agenda" or "Putin may be a war-mongering autocrat but Obama didn't close Guantanamo so it's all even").

What I'm saying is: this won't fix itself, and it's more complex than most people realize.

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Web to Flutter translator. 
Ever dream in HTML and CSS? Check out Web Analogs to ramp up quickly with Flutter!

We're happy to introduce a new type of page on Analogs are side-by-side mappings of common application design patterns to their Flutter/Dart equivalents.
Web Analogs map HTML/CSS > Flutter/Dart. If you're a web layout ninja, we hope it helps you ramp up quickly with Flutter!


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My first video in a long while. Be gentle. But otherwise, feedback much appreciated. 

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Here's what +Jeff Dean (the 10x developer if there ever was one) uses for work.

TL;DR: emacs and blaze (open sourced as
Daniel Bogan runs a site called that does interviews with different people from all kinds of professions about their "work setup" (everything from computer scientists to chefs to beekeepers). He asked me if I'd participate, and here's the result:

Browing the other interviews is kind of fun just to hear about what tools are useful for other professions:

Thanks for running this site, Daniel!

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> Next to Odin, Zeus looks like a dumb, sex-crazed jock. Odin is not just strong, he is wise, he understands the power of information, and he is wily.

From Andrew Findlay's review of +Neil Gaiman's Norse Mythology.

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Last month I asked everyone what packages are missing on pub.¹ Here are the results:

I know the Dart team is looking to address the following:

● Easy to use native access
● Maintained wrapper for D3 — via js_facade_gen
● Datepicker Angular2 component — in the angular2_components pkg

I'll ask for a "standard, dart team-blessed API for the database drivers". I wish I could promise more, but the team's time is going into things like evolving the language, improving the compilation, building plugins, maintaining existing packages like test, build, angular2, etc. We are also working on improving the experience of pub itself, the site, and the whole 'package ecosystem experience'.

I think that 3 requests already have a good answer (imho):

● (Twig|Jekyll)-like static site generator: sitegen² and stillshot³
● pkg:sqlite⁴ for sqlite
+Stephan Schröder's pikaday_datepicker_angular2⁵ for AngularDart date picker

If anyone here wants to contribute to an existing package (or take a package over) let me know. Feel free to chip in if you have a yet-unreleased package that will address one of the requests, for example.


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Myslím, že chtít závratných 130 Kč za něco, na čem jsem strávil roky vývoje a pro co jsem platil herce na dabing, je donebevolající drzost!
A ještě to oznámit jen v popisku aplikace, to je to samý, jako si to nechat pro sebe! Zima Software jsou zlí! 

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Google and Jigsaw are launching Perspective, an early-stage technology that uses machine learning to help identify toxic comments. See how it works:
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