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Prague's Zizkov Tower [1] was once named the second ugliest building in the world [2], but – to my perverse taste at least – it's actually beautiful. In the same way that cyberpunk art can be beautiful.


Photo taken with my Canon S100 compact, with which I'm increasingly satisfied, especially when combined with the Google+ photo editing tools.
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Heard urban legend that it was spaceship built for communists to escape. Shame it was urban legend.
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Filip Hráček

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There are many ways of "perfecting the cloud". Silently putting a backdoor back to router firmware after it has been uncovered by a 3rd party security researcher is not one of them, Cisco.


(To be clear: I do not know if Cisco is behind this, or just a passive part of this. The ad placement is still unfortunate, though.)
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The Irony. Hah!
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Filip Hráček

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Projekt právě teď hledá angular.js vývojáře.

Nevím o mnoho, ale z dálky mi to připadá jako jeden z nemnoha projektů v ČR, který se snaží o něco technologicky náročnějšího než jen "databáze něčeho". 
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Modlici se kudlanka nabozna vzdycky dokaze sezrat partnera pri sexualnich radovankach.
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Here's a video of Alan Kay saying that '[HTML] has to be one of the worst ideas since MS-DOS', among other things.

Alan Kay is one of the greats*, but here I think he's missing one important point: done is better than perfect. 

For example, Ted Nelson's Project Xanadu – I'm quite sure – would be a much better Web than what we have today. But it's also a project that started in 1960 and still has no real world usage. (Contrast with Tim Berners-Lee's WWW, that is very much alive after ~25 years.)

I'm sure there are a million better ways to do hypertext than HTML. But it's the implementation that counts.

Also, if I understand it correctly, Mr. Kay advocates bundling procedures with data (as was practice in the old days), so that the recipient (client) knows what to do with that data. That sounds a lot like eval() to me... I know that's a very strong simplification, but if we're sending code to the client over the wire which is supposed to be executed – yeah, that's eval. The trend goes, of course, exactly opposite that direction. ("Eval is evil" is a mantra.)

(* See, there's just too much to list here.)

(video via +Zdrojá 
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I really agree with +Filip Hráček important point: done is better than perfect. But now, when it is done, shouldn't we take more perspective and think about, how to make it perfect? :-) I would not dare to criticize, what we have, because I'm also happy user of it, but I have a tricky question for you. When we stoped searching for what is best for us and just settle for what is working for us? Now, you are probably asking yourself, what is that "noob" talking about? :-D OK, I just give you example. Imagine operating system, where you can build and modify every component in it live, with no need to recompile or restart. What more, you can designe your system only by moving and connecting grafical components.

Welcome in 1980's and let me introduce you Frabrik. More you can find here (Btw. notice label in header Apple Computer Inc.). OK, back than, it was quit primitive, but imagine, it could go through same development like these days technologies? Where we could be now? If you are intersted, you might want to hear more from someone more trustworthy than me. So here is my favourite video, which I think worth seeing

Now, I would also say something to #HTML topic. Personally I like concept of HTML and I mostly disagree with Alan Kay in way he thinks about it. But I also don't like the way we work with it now. Just think about it. Most common on the servers is still PHP and on the client side it's JavaScript. Yes again, it's working quit fine, but is it the best? I am so glad, that there are people, who thinks it is not and for example god bless #Dart But I also know about other technology, which, I think, is very close to what Alan Kay was talking about and I would like to share it with you. 

You know, #SmallTalk is not dead, it's still evolving. In it's early days, it ran on hardware platform, which basically worked with objects in its memory, not addresses and was build specially for running SmallTalk. Now its better to represent this with Virtual Machine. So there are people, who made that VM and call it #Pharo ( More about +Pharo Project and its community ( So, you have multiplatfom VM, that can run SmallTalk. OK, so what has it in common with HTML? There came another people and build a web server above that, named it SeaSide ( So now you have webserver in #SmallTalk language. What can you do with that?

The point is, this is a different concept than classical structured HTML page. Basicly you are already not writing HTML page. You are making Objects represented by some HTML code (you don't even need to know about) and putting it to your page. There is of course more. It is worth mentioning e.g. posibilities of debugging, which are a little crazy in a good way. :-D For more info about SeaSide philosophy etc. I don't expect you to quit everythink and start using this, but its good to know about it. ;-)

And I'm sorry about long post. :-)
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Filip Hráček

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+Ondřej Douša ano, Google IO extended bude.
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Filip Hráček

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This Polish programmer extracts depth info from photos taken by the new Google Camera's Lens Blur feature, and creates HTML5 interactive "3D" images. Nifty!
Hello, I've created a new way to view your awesome #lensblur  photos in your browser - . Complete with smooth accelerometer driven parallax, mobile support and depthmap extraction.

This is the first, quick&dirty version. More stuff will follow soon. Plus it's open source!

p.s. It requires WebGL, so don't be too harsh on your iOS friends ;)
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Lovely! Catching up with lytro...? :)

We could try to do this in regular 2d canvas without WebGL to have it running on mobile web before WebGL is available there.

Also I'm waiting for google to offer us this (3d scene from single image), which would be really great:
3-D Flythrough from a single image
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Filip Hráček

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Blogging via Google Docs

Here's my current blogging workflow: 
- Create a document in Google Docs
- Edit it to death
- Convert the output to HTML (via my crude and minimal tool at
- Paste to Blogger
- Find more things to edit – repeat last 3 steps (because editing in Blogger – or most other online editing tools – sucks)

Next step in the evolution is to just write blogposts as Google Docs and link to them from a central repository ("the blog"). Allow comments in Google Docs for maximum awesome.

I wouldn't be surprised if this is already happening somewhere on the Web, in an automated manner (think Google Drive API).
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+Jakub Kołakowski Thanks.

As for GDG Garage – wow, well spotted, sir! :) It's an event format we're currently piloting in Prague. Here's a site with some info: Everything is very much work-in-progress.
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Filip Hráček

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From now on, instead of arguing with that kind of person, you can just paste as a reply and you're done. Awesome.
I particularly like the hover-over.
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+Ade Oshineye proposed the hashtag #xkcd1357 as a quicker response. :-) 
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Filip Hráček

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Volám všechny big data profesionály, big data nadšence a bigdatasexuály v ČR a SR. 22. května bude v Praze +Felipe Hoffa, expert na big data a především na BigQuery.

Jednu akci pro pokročilé publikum budeme pořádat v pražském Googlu, druhou otevřejnější v zatím blíže neurčené přednáškové místnosti.

Máte-li zájem, prosím vyplňte:

Víte-li o dalších, kteří by mohli mít zájem, prosím sdílejte!
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Filip Hráček

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#protip  Máte-li kavárnu v knihovně (nebo v jiném místě zvýšeného výskytu sečtělých lidí), dávejte si při psaní cedulek pozor na gramatiku.
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+Tomáš Jurka U nás to je i v jednacím řádu zastupitelstva. Člověk by řekl, že aspoň formální dokumenty by mohly být napsány bez chyb, ale ono ne.
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Nice place, pleasant people. Not so great coffee.
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A computer geek's paradise. I spent ~4 hours and felt I only scratched the surface.
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Best food I've had in Mountain View (outside Googleplex).
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Great food. Definitely not a tourist trap – a place local working-class Japanese go to eat.
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