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Build Your Blog Conference 2015
It's pretty obvious from my dwindling blog posts that things have been a little crazy this past few months/year-ish. The biggest deterrent to posting has been that I've started back to near full-time work as an Adjunct Writing Professor. Here's where the ir...

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Of Elves, Dwarves, and Ghosts
What business have an elf, a dwarf and ghost in my blog post? OK, now that I've totally humiliated myself with that REALLY bad appropriation and shown just how much of a geek girl I am, I can get on with things. If you're lost - awesome - you won't think an...

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Elsa and Anna: Sisters Don't Get Much Cuter Than This
Our elementary school this year had over 100 Elsa costumes and over 50 Anna's from Frozen! And my youngest two girls were among that number.  It was like a sea of blue!  My Elsa, predicting the large numbers, was determined to stage a sing-in of "Let it Go"...

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Spookifying with Cricut Window Clings
Back in my Jr. High French class, we used to sing a song that went something like "Whoopee, c'est l'Halloween!" Translation - "Whoopee! It's Halloween!" I sing that song every year because that's totally how I feel about the season. Apparently it's apparent...

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Our Mountain Retreat
When we first moved to South Jordan, we had a bit of a rough go of things.  Anyone who knows our family will remember that our move did not go smoothly.  From the sale of one home, to the purchase of the next, to a family tragedy, it was decidedly difficult...

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Steampunk Party with Customized Water Guns
My oldest turned 15 a week ago. My mind is still adjusting to that number. I'm not exaggerating when I say it just feels like I was just bawling my eyes out as I registered him for kindergarten. Anyway, I thought he'd be getting past wanting a themed birthd...

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#SuperheroMoms UNITE!! Vitamix Blender Giveaway
I love moms. I mean, who doesn't? That would be ridiculous. But the longer I'm a mom, the more I love moms for different reasons. Sure, there are the typical poems read every Mother's Day honoring the late night sacrifices, the diaper duty, the vomit cleanu...

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Such a great story about perseverance and following her goals to become a successful comedian, but also fascinating angle about how being Mormon affects her comedy career. #JennaKimJones  #Mormon #Success #comedy

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You are really something special
I haven’t blogged in a long stretch. I’ve been beating
myself up about it. Despite the fact of my massive crossed-off To-Do list at
the end of every insanely busy day and at the end of a particularly hurricane
force few weeks, I pound my head over the remai...

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A Delightfully Vintage Evening: My Newest Old find for a Great Night Out!
I admit it.  I'm a sucker for the arts.  Ever since I was cast as Carol in "A Christmas for Carol" (go ahead and groan, I still do), in 4th grade, I've loved live theater! And since I also love the vintage feel of the early & mid 1900s, last Saturday night ...
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