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Justin Topik
Motivational/Inspirational Writer and Speaker
Motivational/Inspirational Writer and Speaker

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Essence of Well-Being
Well-being entails a lot of various aspects. The dictionary defines it as: a contented state of being happy, healthy and prosperous. And though this is a good definition, it is quite vague and lacking substance. It is so much deeper in scope than this defin...

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Be You and Do it With Style
Who you were designed to be is exactly who and what you are suppose to be.   There is nobody else you need to be but you.  And no matter what anybody tells you, you don't ever need to change who you are to be loved or accepted.  If you really want to be tru...

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Becoming a Deliberate Creator of Your Life
"Ask and It is Given" is a popular spiritual idea and concept these days. But I will assure you it is more than just an idea. We live in a highly responsive universe, a universe that is always responding to our wishes and requests. The grand essence, God, d...

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Chasing Your Passion
Everybody has dreams and goals, but not everyone really goes after them wholeheartedly. In fact, I have met many highly talented people over the course of my life who are letting their dreams sit idly on a shelf collecting dirt.  But passions are not meant ...

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The Happiness Drug
                                    What if happiness was more than an occasional good feeling state you could achieve?  Perhaps it could be and should be our everyday prescription?  I think happiness, joy, positivity and feeling good is addictive.  And it'...

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Surrendering to Your Life Purpose
We all have a purpose, a calling and a divine destiny seeking to emerge in and through us.  And we all have a true mission to serve to better ourselves and the world around us.  Everyone has an authentic self and authentic true life path to follow. I think ...

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Where the Magic Lies
Every great magician sooner or later has to come to the realization that the real magic is not outside of themselves, but is in actuality within their very own being.  I think we all forget this simple yet profound truth from time to time.  The great magici...

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Keeping Your Head in the Game
Sometimes in life it's rather easy to defeat ourselves even before the race, or the game ever ends.  This usually happens during tough moments from day to day when we let our heads play games with us and get the best of us.  It's so easy to psych ourselves ...

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A Recipe for Success
Achieving or finding success in life is a tricky business for sure.  And the pursuit of it can be a downright frustrating and complex journey, especially if you don't have any kind of guidepost, or recipe for that matter.  But no need to worry, I thought ma...

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The Power of Being Positive
I truly think positivity is one of the most misunderstood and underused powers in all of the human race.  It's like we are all holding this super mega-force in our hands, but we don't even realize it and for the most part we have no idea how to fully use it...
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