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"Be kind."
"Be kind."

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On The Plus Side: Only "Plus Size" When It Pays

Summer has arrived. And the A/C hasn't even been dusted off yet!

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Being fair skinned, I can't really avoid putting sunscreen on my face at some point. This is definitely one product I didn't mind using. Felt moisturised, not greasy, and no breakouts. Read the rest of my mini review.

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Picked up my copy yesterday so it's official. made the list.

The weather is strange today. It's been switching from really dark (maybe I should turn on a light) to really sunny (light gets turned off again). 

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Some of my favorite sandals over the years have been slides. 

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I've been a fan of Ashley for many years. It is nice to see her attain such success in her career. 

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Are you ready to sell your home this spring?! Some things to think about before listing. Happy weekend everyone!

Trying to get re-accustomed to Google+ again. There's been a few changes since I was last here.
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