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High street Dupes for the Chloe bag - chloescorner
The Chloe Faye bag is beautiful:  Chloe Faye Shoulder Bag  Link If money wasn't a problem omg, I'd have them in every single colour but sigh at over £1000 pound a pop a girl just gotta dream... Although if you, like me, have an eye for this stunning acces...

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Lets talk mental health - chloescorner
I have never been to a doctor/therapist/counsellor so I am not claiming that I am indefinitely a sufferer of any illnesses mentioned although I am going to say having done my research it is clear I suffered and still to this day suffer with certain symptoms...

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My go to exercises - chloescorner
My passion for fitness has grown and grown. I've gained more knowledge through watching youtubers, reading posts from fitness bloggers and also just watching what others do in the gym so for todays post I thought I'd share with you 5 exercises that can be u...

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My top 10 picks from Miss Selfridge - chloescorner
After my full week of blogging I've finally decided on posting twice, maybe three times a week at most. As much as I enjoyed getting back into it I just think that I wouldn't be able to keep it going for too long - a smaller number of posts seems so much mo...

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My future blogging goals - chloescorner
For my very last post of the week (I still can't believe I kept that up, minus yesterdays blip haha) I thought I would share with you where I aim to get with my little corner of the internet in years to come. 1) Finding my feet and making content that not o...

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The end of an era - chloescorner
Sorry for missing yesterday's post guys - I know I promised one per day for 7 days but hey, sometimes life happens and thats okay! I wanted to enjoy my day yesterday and not have to come home and write a half hearted and rushed post that I wouldn't be fully...

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My top 5 LeanIn15 book 1 recipes - chloescorner
Happy fri-yay you lovely lot! hope you've all had a good day. In an attempt to be healthier, as a family, we've been following the recipes in Joe Wicks' (aka The Body Coach) first and second Lean in 15 books. I thought I'd share my top 5 recommendations wit...

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My year in pictures - chloecorner
Considering I went MIA for a year before coming back to this little blog I thought I'd best update you on some of the things that went on in my life! I hope you like the little montage! SEPTEMBER: Afternoon tea with my best friend before she headed off to C...

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My on-going fitness journey - chloescorner
If the word 'fitness' offends your eyes then please feel free to give this post a miss, I won't be offended I promise! I personally know its not for everyone from past experience. And to those interested - its a waffle, just a pre-warning! Starting from the...

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IBIZA!☀️ - chloescorner
Prepare yourself for major summer blues... On the 5th of June I headed on my first ever girls holiday - TO IBIZA! I fell in love with the Island whilst away. The atmosphere, the gorgeous weather and views, the endless alcohol (liver - I do apologise!), the ...
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