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Bored? Want something to laugh at until you cry? Then tune in as writers Lex Luther and AJ Parker live-tweet DC's Suicide Squad!

#SuicideSquad #Movies #DC #AmandaWaller #HarleyQuinn #Deadshot #Twitter

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'Rogue One' has managed to clock over 800 million at the box office thus far.

But instead of letting 'Rogue' One rock in its awesomeness, known Whitewasher Scott Derrickson thought he'd use the film to shade "online activists" for being overly critical.

...Even though the aforementioned film has received overwhelming praise.

Headassness aside, Scott's actions once again reiterate how Chets tend to not take kindly to any type of criticism even if it stands to better them.

Here's why that's an issue.

#RogueOne #StarWars #Diversity #Inclusion #DoctorStrange #ScottDerrickson #Activism

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We hold these truths to be self-evident:

- That Trevor Noah is not funny.
- That Trevor Noah has never been funny.
- And that Black men across the African Diaspora are all too willing to risk it all for Ku Klux Susans™ and Grand Master Darth Beckys™ .

On a more serious note, while all of the above is true, there is more to be said about Trevor Noah's status as an African immigrant and how sometimes, they are all to willing to play Chet's game if it means that they get to be a notch higher above Black Americans.
Writer Lex Luther explains why this is not sustainable and exceedingly anti-Black.

#TrevorNoah #TomiLahren #ComedyCentral #AntiBlackness #AfricanImmigrants #Television #BlackAmericans

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It's been about two weeks since we've entered the darkest timeline.
A...more Orange™ timeline.

That said, after much processing and shenanigans, we plan to push through this with the pettiest of shenanigans.

And for our first post in this darkest timeline, we present to literally everyone else who should have become president before THAT despotic Orange™.

#Villains #Comics #Deadpool #Batman #2016PresidentialElection

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While the weekend was full of a bunch of pandemonium and tomfoolery, nothing could have prepared us from the ire that we felt following the release of Drake's new track "Two Birds, One Stone".

On the track, Head Lightskinned In Chief™ Drake takes shots at both Pusha T and Kid Cudi. But interestingly enough, instead of challenging Kid on his musical abilities, Drake opted to go full headass and take potshots at his struggle with mental illness.

Not only is it telling that Drake couldn't diss Kid Cudi about literally anything else, but Drake's choice to utilize mental illness as Kid's weakness is indicative of the persisting stigma that is associated with mental illness as it concerns the Black community.

And fam? We gotta talk it.

#Drake #KidCudi #Music #MentalIllness #EndTheStigma #TwoBirdsOneStone

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While Friday posts have become a rarity for us, we had to chime in as soon as possible about the current bullshit that was happening with Marvel character Riri Williams.

After Marvel Blerds (specifically of the Black femme kind) celebrating the debut of character Riri Williams, we are all horrified to find this week that not only had Marvel commissioned a pin-up artist to draw her on a variant cover but the results of this commission also turned out to be--expectedly--abysmal.

So, in light of Riri's disappearing melanin and her suddenly "grown woman" body, we talk about why all of this matters.

And why it didn't happen in a vacuum.

#RiriWilliams #Marvel #BlackChildren #TamirRice #MichaelBrown #TrayvonMartin #Comics #Colorism

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Apparently, The Birth of A Nation "flopped" last week. And apparently, Black Feminists are to blame this time around.

Peep our thoughts on why we agree and simultaneously disagree.

#TheBirthofNation #BlackFeminism #PettyBlackFeminist #Movies #NateParker #GabrielleUnion #RapeCulture

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You knew this was coming.

In 2016, the Blackest Year on Record™ and the Year of Kill All Your Faves™, Ruth Bader Ginsburg--formerly known as Notorious RBG--is notorious no more.

Well, at least not in the pseudo-positive sense.

Recently, the esteemed Supreme Court Justice cancelled herself when she decided to call Colin Kaepernick's ongoing protest of the National Anthem and the continued oppression of Black folx in America "dumb", "stupid" and "disrespectful". we're here.

Peep our thoughts (and the thoughts MLK and James Baldwin) on why we totally expected this from Ruth and let us know what you think in the comments below.

#NotoriousRBG #MartinLutherKingJr #MLK #JamesBaldwin #ColinKaepernick #Racism #WhiteLiberals #WhiteFeminism

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Recently, 'Luke Cage' showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker called the show a "Hip Hop Western" when he sat down with SciFiNow.

And we gotta's hard to argue with that.

But, in case you're still skeptical, we took the liberty of outlining precisely 11 reasons why 'Luke Cage' is in fact a great a addition to the Western genre.

#LukeCage #TV #Marvel #Western #OldWest #Movies #Netflix

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After the debut of #LukeCage, Marvel fans from both the Black and AAPI community have joined forces to push for more inclusive casts in other areas of the MCU.

Of course, this has drawn the ire of Chets and Dougs who hate when marginalized folx mess with their precious "canon", talk less of when marginalized folx from different groups join forces to curb-stomb their canon...together.

Still, this recent development has reignited the #AAIronFist cause, prompting even more clashes over canon, solidarity between Black, Brown, and Asian folx, and what it means to be represented.

#IronFist #MCU #Marvel #Netflix #LewTanClan #Comics #Television #Solidarity
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