+Daria Musk as she joined us in a Google+ Hangout from her hotel room in Seattle tonight for two reasons.

The first was to practice for her concert performance tomorrow night Nov. 11, 2011 at Google and the second was to share an un-boxing of her two new Taylor Guitars.

The bell hope just delivered them to Daria's room from +Taylor Guitars .

By the way Daria will also be doing a TED Talk on Saturday Nov. 12, 2011.

We wish Daria all the best on her tour.

+Daria Musk from her hotel room in Seattle Washington.

To see more interesting video's recorded from a Google+ Hangout please visit http://HangoutNation.org

+Daria Musk please say hello and thank you to +Chee Chew +David Bennett and the entire Google+ team for what they do for us every day.

And thank you Daria for taking us along with you in your pocket and on your laptop. Your the best!
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