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About Us

Welcome to Bathurst Web Design, the one place where all your web design and web management needs will be met. We have a team of professionals that work round the clock to make sure that you have a well optimized website that will not only appeal to you and your clientele, but will also go so far in enhancing your overall reputation online in search engine rankings.

I followed my passion for web design keenly and brought together a team that does share my kind of passion for websites. In our line of business, having a website is not enough. What matters is having a website that is appealing, a website that is functional. Together with my team we have a far reaching expertise in terms of web design, drawing from different languages.

From HTML, CSS, PHP, you name it; there isn’t any we cannot handle. Irrespective of the website platform that you want we will be able to sort you out. Whether you are keen on WordPress, Joomla any other platform out there, rest assured that we will be there to walk you through it.
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