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Fun in the Sun! Win trip to Mexico @airtransat contest.

I'll know spring is here when +Ray Hiltz swaps out his snow scene for some sun! :)

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You have to wonder if a majority of the art, inventions or technologies we enjoy today would exist if the creative mind(s) behind them 'never gave up.' 

Just read this article by +Men with Pens and feel a little happier and a little lighter as I start my day. ;)

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It all depends on what you consider "successful." 

Inc. magazine's definition appears to be very different from mine and the other people with whom I shared this refreshing post.

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Alison Cummings commented on a post on Blogger.
Hi +David Amerland, +Alison Cummings here from the +Ray Hiltz #LunchBunch. "Disruptive" is the perfect one-word summation for today's social media landscape. It's exciting, but a bit of a roller-coaster ride. I appreciate the clear strategy you provide to take on these new challenges.

Interestingly, a week prior +Mitch Joel, author of CTRL, ALT Delete, spoke at +Social Media Breakfast Montreal about how we are in  "media purgatory," with no clear, defined rules. What used to be a clear, straight path in our careers, our workplace culture, to how we brand/market our products and services, has become a "squiggly line." 

How do we evolve, stay relevant and embrace "a world that has totally changed"? During his talk, Joel shared his views on how to "reboot" as a business and as an individual.

One quality he highlighted as important for small business owners like me: Resilience.

My thanks to you both for taking on a relevant topic in such an engaging, thought-provoking (and accessible!) manner.

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Have the courage to suck. Commit to the fight: The thing about fear via +Copywrite Matters  #copywriting #mantra

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Reminds me of +Mitch Joel's advice during last Wednesday's  +Social Media Breakfast Montreal on how to evolve and stay relevant in the reboot of today's CTRL ALT Delete world.

It's all about resilience.

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Wow! Here's to making it through +Jeff Bullas list in 2014. #socialmedia #contentmarketing

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Check out entries to +Men with Pens  Scholarship to the Best Writing Course for Business Owners. Who will win a spot this year... maybe me? (Fingers crossed) #goodreads

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Why you have to take search personally: Google Semantics best-selling author +David Amerland  & +Ray Hiltz 
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