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Share entertaining & memorable performances in dance, music, symphony orchestra & theatre...
Share entertaining & memorable performances in dance, music, symphony orchestra & theatre...


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Guinness World Records: Most robots dancing simultaneously

1,007 miniature Chinese robots, controlled by mobile phone, were dancing for a 60-second routine
at the Qingdao Beer Festival in Shandong, China

#GuinnessRecords #robotdancing

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Get an introduction to Erhu from Shen Yun's erhu virtuoso Qi Xiaochun!

Erhu is able to mimic many sounds originating from nature, from birds chirping to horses neighing.

Why not experience youself LIVE this fall?

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Do you know? " In ancient Greece, the theater was the center of the community, as well as the center of government, religion and social life."

Do you agree that Creative Placemaking should be a cornerstone of urban planning? Including artists and arts organizations to collectively shape the spaces that we inhabit?

#JamieBennett #CreativePlacemaking #NextAvenue

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Incredible Benefits Of Being Bilingual:

Being bilingual could keep our minds working longer and better into old age -

has a superior ability to concentrate, solve problems and focus, better mental flexibility and multitasking skills...

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What do 5,000 years of civilization sound like?

How can a melody capture the mysteries of heavenly realms or the strength of an imperial army? Shen Yun's orchestra has found the answer.

Shen Yun’s unique approach blends the singular beauty and expressiveness of Chinese instruments (like the Erhu and the Pipa) with the granduer of a Western orchestra—resulting in a gorgeous, vivid sound with great emotional range, perfect for bringing to life the soul of an ancient civilization.

So, why not press play and have a listen for yourself?

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what a smart "work, relax & energize" idea: Part of Mexico City police officers' summer training...

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Louisville Bats voted as the best Triple-A ballpark by baseball fans. Why not also explore the arts, culture and architecture on Louisville's Main Street? #arts #culture

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Applause...Epoch Times Wins 21 Awards in Annual New York Press Association Contest:

Shen Yun Performing Arts will perform March 27-29 at Keller Auditorium in Portland:   #ChineseDanceShow
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