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"Where we Bring the Pieces of the Puzzle Together."
"Where we Bring the Pieces of the Puzzle Together."


The Struggling cleaner wants to clean for anyone and everyone. They are afraid to ask for money. They want to wait until everything is perfect before they charge enough for cleaning. They spend their time, energy and money on “getting the word out.” They think that marketing is essential in order to get clients.
The Pro cleaner is committed to cleaning, no matter what. Failure doesn’t stop them. They are not embarrassed by their mistakes. There’s no turning back. They have built a referral based business people are chasing them.
Money is a sign of the impact I made in the world. If I don't have much money this month, I need to make a bigger impact.
Money is a sign of service, if I want more money Who can I serve today?
Money is the most perfect expression of my creativity. This makes it fun if I am low on money what can I do to be creative?
I had a large tax bill come in, in the past I have sat and worried about it. Know well who haven't I cleaned in the last year? What management company do I really want to work with that I'm not? Get creative I did that made the money in record time. I had a powerful WHY?
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.Tis the season to FOCUS on what you have instead of what you don't & where you are going instead of what you have been through...FOCUS on the next 24 hours in front of you and do what you can to get closer to where you want to be...
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The cleaning industry has a problem that is two-fold: there is a
low bar for entry and a high bar for success.
The barrier to entry for cleaning is now SO low that literally anyone
can become a carpet cleaner. There are companies that will certify you for free,
and almost every “cleaner training company” promises immediate wealth
and success if you will just sign up for their training.
This means that many people experience cleaning at the lowest end
of the skill spectrum. Cleaners who have trained online, cleaners who
have done a weekend workshop, and cleaners who have simply read a
book about cleaning are hanging out their shingles and offering free
sessions to tempt potential clients.
It’s no wonder that despite the incredible results that real cleaners
can generate for clients, many people will have a poor experience
of cleaning.
But you don’t have to be one of those cleaners. You can be extraordinary
if you are willing to put in the time, educate yourself, and turn pro. Use
that high bar for success to your advantage. Be one of the committed
cleaners willing to clear that bar.
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Teaching Trauma Scene Clean up in Mississuaga, Canada on Thursday and Friday 
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This is definitely a how to book for starting all businesses, no matter what your venture. It starts with cleaning up your thoughts and moves to practical step by step guides on the way to proceed! The book is very specific on how to organize yourself for starting your business. leading you to the right contacts you will need and the right resources necessary for any start-up.
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Teaching trauma scene clean up next 2 days and then Odor Control at Belfour in NYC.
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