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N Barry-Jansson
Exceeding client expectations since 1994
Exceeding client expectations since 1994


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The people in our lives who seem the most difficult, even hostile, are the ones who need your radiation of love most.

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Love this mural that's been designed for a children's nursery by artist Christine Olive (Treasured Art).
Check out this sneak preview: A beautiful new mural to be painted in our nursery by our own artist—Christine Oliver. Isn't it wonderful? We think the kids will love it!

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Take advantage of these 2 great sessions Michael Clark is offering - he's a great speaker!
#TChat Sneak peek! If you're interested in making the most of social tools to boost professional performance, this week will rock your world!

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"Could you help us with a logo" turned into more (logos, site redesign, and ads) for +TalentCulture - World of Work

I've heard a rumor that you can create a customized Google+ link to your account, like we have for all other SoMe platforms...but a search in Google+ HELP didn't retrieve the solution. Anyone care to share?

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Some may see this as a boon for is, but it's also a boon for job seekers who want to get jobs that really FIT in which they can thrive and be appreciated for what makes them unique!
<Founded not quite a year ago, uses a specialized test to measure a candidate’s task management skills, work ethic, intelligence, and what it calls the “Big Five” personality traits – openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. A psycho-mouthful for sure, but University of Toronto professor of psychology and co-founder Dr. Jordan Peterson developed the test after researching the effects of personality traits on job performance.>

If it works and actually helps you choose qualified candidates then you probably wind up being sued. ;-)
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