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Die wohl schönste Art, die Syntax zum CSS Grid Layout zu erlernen:

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Das hat mich selbst schon mehrere Male beschäftigt, daher eine kleine Anleitung zu #Contao: Contao Formular an verschiedene Empfänger senden 

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Consider helping out Molly.
Since #TeamMolly   twitter and FB members do not seem to have representation on Google+, I'm going to have to do the job. Here's the deal - I'm in bad, bad shape - and the description on this page is filled with inaccuracies that I will deal with at another time but in the meantime, please, consider passing this around, and even joining #TeamMolly  

I have no expectations and am filled with shame to even ask - despite the fact that the crowdfunding model is reasonable in a meritocracy where I never, ever placed material gain over the importance of the work. If I ever meant anything to you, please help me. I don't want to die. And if I do die, I want to go out with some kind of dignity in the home I worked for, and the solitude I believe I've earned after years of sharing so freely.

If I am being selfish, I'm so sorry. I wanted to be better than this, but I failed. I wanted to never have to ask another person for anything, but now I have learned humility. I have always been independent, and now I am angry because I have become dependent.

My heart is well and truly broken, but I believe in time that I can repair given the time, dignity and solitude to do so. Thank you and I love you always, and I'm sorry for the maddening lengths I appear to have gone in order to protect myself. It's quite simply been brutal. 
#mollydotcom   #teamMolly   #medical   #fundraiser   #support   #crowdfunding   #crowdsourcing  

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"Year in Review" heißt das im amerikanischen Raum. Schöne Idee zum Verschenken oder Selbst-Behalten.

Gestern entdeckt, dass man bei Wordpress-Multisites die erlaubte Größe der Dateiuploads komfortabel in den Netzwerkeinstellung festlegen kann.


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Tagesticket für die Contao-Konferenz am 10. Mai in Halle/Leipzig erstanden.
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