A Compendium of Unstoppable Truths.

There are, in fact, absolutes in this world and we are surrounded by them. Those who disagree simply want to live in denial of these truths for they are neither pleasant, nor easy.

Money and power unstoppably aggregate. It is an unchangeable, historical, truth.

You cannot push money and power down without crushing everyone at the bottom any more than you can push it up without cutting everyone off at the knees at the top.

The bell curve will always exist.

Protesting is a waste of time and resources at best.

If your mouth is open, you aren't working and if you aren't working you are not making a difference.

If you have your hand out, and it isn't because you are reaching for a shovel or hammer, look in the mirror. You are the problem.

The world is a brutal, violent, cold, hard, unforgiving place. Deal with it. If you don't believe me you haven't seen much of the world.

Just because you have traveled does not mean you have truly seen anything.

No one cares. Talk to the contrary is just that and it makes no difference whatsoever.

As long as you depend on anyone for anything, you are a willing slave to that person or entity.

You are, right now, exactly where you want to be in life. If you dislike where you are, make different choices than the one that got you where you are right now.

If your life isn't squared away, shut up about everyone else's until yours is.

The various “Occupy” protests are no more, and no less, obnoxious than the RNC and DNC conventions. You all may as well meet up in one place.

There will always be suffering, personally and collectively, in measures both large and small in this world. Accept it and move on.

Everything breaks down, everything decays and everything dies.

If everyone spent the time that they now spend complaining, protesting, evading and obfuscating working instead, things might get somewhat better. Unless and until that happens it will all only get worse.

Words are not change.

Your only obligation is to make things as much better as you can for you and yours. Once enough people do that, things will get as much better as they can; bearing in mind the truths listed above.
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