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Lead Poisoning
It is a rare day when someone comes to the Historical Society library with a tantalizing story that seems incredible, and difficult to confirm its accuracy.  That's how I felt last fall, when two women from Oregon visited me with a tale of lead poisoning.  ...

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Campbellsport history
Here is another item about the history of Campbellsport Village of
Campbellsport By Catherine Weld, September 1954 The history of our village is rather unique because of the
fact that for a number of years there were actually two small villages within
the s...

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Campbellsport Schools
I just came across a few stories about the history of Campbellsport, along with some old post cards.  I have never before seen a photo of the original school, and since my kids all graduated from Campbellsport High School, this was an interesting discovery....

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Fond du Lac Panthers Baseball Team
In honor of opening day, here's an undated picture of the Fond du Lac Panthers Baseball Team.  Can anyone identify any of these players?

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Seven Mile Creek
Long ago and far away..........well,  back in the 1970's at least, when my children were very young, I discovered the Laura Ingalls Wilder set of books.  They were very entertaining,  and whenever we would make that 2-hour trip to visit grandpa and grandma,...

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Prohibition prescriptions
New donation to the library: While the production, transport, and sale of liquor was illegal during Prohibition, the National Prohibition Act allowed alcohol for medicinal and religious use. This loophole was often exploited as a way to acquire alcohol, but...

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Marytown in 1913
The following is another article in a series, that was published in The Reporter in 1913, concerning the many small communities located in Fond du Lac County. Marytown in Center of Rich Farming Territory Village is Divided Into Three Sections – Public and

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winter scenes
Just a few pictures of winter in the past, from our photo collection. Cutting ice blocks marking a road on the ice with trees the long ramp to the chutes in winter Ice boats on the lake Ice skating at Lakeside Park, early 1920's

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Funeral Procession
Had someone loan me some photos to scan of a funeral procession.   The street appears to be Main St.,  and many old buildings that no longer exist. Was able to zoom in and identify several businesses, which date this picture to be ca. 1910-1911. J. L. Kern ...

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Orpheum Theatre
While browsing through some of the various scrapbooks donated to the society, I spotted this photo.  I had always heard of the Orpheum Theatre, but knew little about it.   It was located on Main St., just north of Forest Ave, where the old J. C. Penney buil...
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