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Innovative Solutions for Genealogy & Family History Brands Worldwide


RootsTech T-Shirt Challenge
So...I have this idea for RootsTech . . . if you like the idea, add your comments and reshare. OK - so, for years, I've been meeting with software publishers, hardware manufacturers, attending conferences and participating in road races and such. Over time I've accumulated sooo many t-shirts, that I began to take some of the more interesting ones that I thought might have 'historical significance' some day and, well, I put them aside. Last week while unpacking yet another bin left from a somewhat recent move, I found that bin and what a laugh I had. Some of these brand new t-shirts are 20 years old. Genealogy and technology were the most common theme. It made me wonder who else had some good ones. Some of the companies and products are long gone, but others still doing well. I know my friend +Paul Allen may have at least one, but how about YOU?

What is the oldest or most interesting Genealogy Technology t-shirt you can find? And if it doesn't fit, don't worry, bring it along anyway! We'll take some photos for the RootsTech archive . . . it will add a nice walk down memory lane!

What do you think has been the MOST innovative website launched for the genealogy market in the last 12 months or so? (and why? . . . no self promotion here, please).

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