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JC Chasez in a Dr Huxtable sweater
JC Chasez in a Dr Huxtable sweater


I've spent the last two days watching the videos of various sessions of the 30C3, the 30th Chaos Computer Congress in Hamburg. There's some good stuff there if you're into any kind of computer geekery.

But if you only have an hour or two, go to Youtube  and watch 30C3: To Protect And Infect - The militarization of the Internet and 30c3: To Protect And Infect, Part 2 which are the two parts of the "To Protect and Infect" talk about what our dear, loving governments are up to in regards to digital surveillance. If you only have an hour, watch the first part about Finfisher and similar commercial root kits if you want to get angry, or watch the second part about what the NSA is up to if you want to be really damn scared.
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