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Not seeing an option to approve who your friends are and such. It just all looks wide open (like the beginning of fb)
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You choose your level of security with every post. You can make it public, or share with circles, or even just with specific people. 
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Software and Website Development, yo. I make those bits my bitch.
I see what you did there.
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I once rode a llama in the Daytona 500.
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Don't bother with the fruit/veggie/hummus plate - its bar fruit and celery. The same amount of fruit came out with a kids hotdog. Overcharge much? Blackened grouper was bland, smallest piece of grouper I've had in FL. Beans and rice were bland. I don't understand why people like this place. Overhyped for sure.
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The HD Golf simulators used here are a few years behind in technology. If you're looking to kill some time and swing the wrenches when there's snow out, then you'll be pretty happy. If you're looking to work on your game, you're going to be frustrated. The 'tees' fly out of their screw-in holes frequently. There's a 10 yard difference between where you think you are and where it looks like you are - making it appear you're on the green, but really on the fringe. Shots frequently go untracked. You must hit the screen or the ball wont track. And forget high lob shots, they just don't register on this system. The staff goes out of their way to help out, but that can't overcome the deficiencies in the simulators.
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Ordered a pastrami with kraut to go. Got a pastrami with coleslaw. Pastrami was cold, not warm, not hot. Sandwich was OK, not amazing. Definitely not worth $7.99. Very slow service at lunch time. The bright spots were that the girl working the counter was very nice, and when I called in to tell them about the sandwich, they were very apologetic and offered me a free sandwich on my next visit. I'll revisit this review when I go back in next.
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When I first spoke with Jack about my small vinyl print job, he was very helpful. His graphics person "Laura" was supposed to call me to speak with me about the project. Even though they couldn't complete it by the day I needed it, and it was relatively short notice, I was still going to use them based on my experience working with Jack. When Laura didn't call (but emailed 5 days later) I went with Signs by Tomorrow in Waterford. When finally emailed (still no call) and I informed her of this, I received a snarky and sarcastic email back thanking me for "blowing them off because I couldn't get what I wanted." Laura's lack of professionalism and follow through should be convincing enough that you can and should use a different sign shop for your needs. The Waterford location was polite, extremely helpful, provided me with a ton of application tips for the vinyl decals I had printed and most importantly - delivered three hours before they said they would.
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Quality: Poor to fairAppeal: Poor to fairService: Poor to fair
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The course doesn't have a ball washer on the front nine, except for #1. Played $40 on Christmas morning and their grill closed at NOON but course is open until 4PM! Front desk claimed it didn't control the grill, but doesnt allow outside food. Ridiculous. Course was beat to hell. Avoid the course.
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Great experience with this shop getting vinyl decals for my boat printed. High recommend. Had the order done early and shared a lot of really useful information on applying the decals.
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Place is closed!
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