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Lynn Swayze
Copywriter for Information Marketers/Health Marketers
Copywriter for Information Marketers/Health Marketers


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What is the biggest "symptom of success"? I reveal it in today's video.

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Marketing not working? This video addresses the #1 reason why.

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PERRY MARSHALL on Truth About Marketing

- How to turn your tribe into a “Human Search Engine” to find the perfect prospects for your next launch.

-The hidden “No Place Like Home” secret for building a kickass tribe of highly engaged customers. (Perry dives into the psychology behind how and why it works so well.)

-The tool Perry Marshall created to tap into the “Homer Simpson Brain” of your prospects. (He gives the URL around minute 11.)

-How to use Perry’s writing trick to turbo charge your copy and maximize conversions… even (and especially) if you’re writing to a sophisticated audience.

-Have you ever felt a connection between spirituality and entrepreneurship? Perry discusses how he combines the two without being preachy. (Once you hear it, you’ll nod your head in agreement.)

-Do you know how to bond with your prospects even when they disagree with you? Perry reveals the strategy he uses to create raving fans out of unbelievers.

-Discover the old school marketing tactic Perry used to catapult his digital marketing career. (It’s a secret shared by everyone from Frank Kern to Kevin Rogers.)

-Are you a victim of the delusion infesting the headspace of nearly all entrepreneurs? Do THIS instead.

-It’s a trap! Hear why Perry believes automation is the most backwards way to go about business – and what you should do instead.

-The worrisome new trend threatening to make the Pareto Principle obsolete…and the radical change Perry urges you embrace immediately to avoid it.

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Your audience wants CONNECTION, not content.

Hint: engagement is something you feel. Not something you sell.

Learn more here:

#engagement #contentmarketing #emailmarketing

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This is a GREAT article by Nicole Piper on copywriting tone of voice as it relates to a brand.

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What does a high impact blogger do to create such an amazing blog? (Hint: it's not hiring $5 fiverr workers!)

Discover the whole scoop of raisins in this post by Sujan Patel.
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