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Interesting. Facer, the extremely popular Android Wear watch face customization app, is now available for Apple Watch.

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Apple is continuing to tweak its Apple Watch showroom experience within Apple Stores. Upon the initial rollout of the Apple Watch in April, Apple Stores installed large glass tables as a showcase for the different Apple Watch variations. Customers could…

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Will the Apple Watch help you live a healthier life? We tried it to find out.

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Apple Watch Swim App! - "...We now know that the Apple Watch is indeed a bit more waterproof than #Apple promises, and with that in mind a few London-based #iOS developers have created the "World's first swim app on the Apple Watch," and put it through its paces in a new video." ...Read more:
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Live Now: Apple Watch Teardown (iFixit)
After almost 8 months of waiting +iFixit finally got its hands on the Apple Watch.

And what do they do with it? They look at the inside of the watch, naturally.

The teardown experts got their hands on the Sports version of the Apple Watch, particularly the one with the 38 mm bands.

In most cases, however, the Apple Watches should have pretty much the same components, save a few garnishes appropriate to their price level.

For example, the sporty ones get a composite hard cover back while the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition get zirconia ceramic covers.

The 38 mm models also get a screen resolution of 272x340 while the larger 42 mm gets 312x390.

Getting the back cover popped up was relatively uneventful compared to more stressful smartphone teardowns.

A bit of heat plus a knife and an opening pick was all that was needed to break the two halves up. Given the compact size of the smartwatch, it's not surprising to learn that there are a lot of hidden paths, connectors, and cables.

One space-saving technique seems to be to sandwich the microphone ribbon cable between the inner and outer layers of the case.

The smartwatch happened to have one of the tiniest screws iFiixt has ever encountered and didn't exactly have the tools at hand for such an undertaking.

This teardown is happening in real time! Be sure to refresh the page to see live updates



#applewatch #wearable #teardown #ifixit   #applewatchsports  
Picture credit: +ifixit

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Apple Watch U.S. Online Sales Estimated at 3 Million Through 3 Months ⌚️

MacRumors - 2015/07/13


Apple Watch online sales in the United States are estimated to have totaled 3,039,353 at an average price of $505 through July 10, exactly three months after Apple began accepting pre-orders for the wrist-worn device, according to the latest data from market research firm Slice Intelligence obtained exclusively by MacRumors.

The entry-level Apple Watch Sport has been the most popular model among early adopters by almost a two-to-one margin, with an estimated 1,950,909 units sold at an average price of $381 since April 10.Meanwhile, stainless steel Apple Watch sales are estimated at 1,086,569 units to date, at an average price of $695.

Apple has also sold 1,875 Apple Watch Edition models to date, at an average price of $13,700, according to Slice Intelligence. The 18-karat gold Apple Watch models, seen on the wrists of celebrities such as Beyonce, Drake, Kanye West, Katy Perry and Pharrell Williams, cost between $10,000 and $17,000 in the U.S.

Slice Intelligence's data does not include Apple Watch sales in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan and the United Kingdom, nor does it account for walk-in purchases made through the Apple Store.

A Recap of Slice Intelligence's Previous Estimates

Last week, Slice Intelligence released new data that showed Apple Watch online sales in the U.S. steadily declined throughout June. Specifically, the survey revealed that Apple Watch sales in the U.S. remained consistent at around 20,000 per day in May before dropping to less than 10,000 per day last month.

The research firm previously estimated that Apple received 1 million Apple Watch pre-orders at launch, averaged 30,000 Apple Watch sales per day in late May and had topped 2.8 million total Apple Watch sales as of mid June. It also found that around 17% of online shoppers buy at least one extra band for the Apple Watch.

A Closer Look at Slice Intelligence's Methodology

Given that Apple has not publicly disclosed any official Apple Watch sales figures, and will be grouping the wrist-worn device under its "Other Products" category in quarterly earnings reports, the accuracy and methodology behind the Slice Intelligence data has been called into question -- so we went looking for answers.

MacRumors spoke with Slice Intelligence's Chief Data Officer Kanishka Agarwal and VP of Marketing and PR Jaimee Minney to learn more about Slice Intelligence's methodology. The details below should provide a better understanding of how its Apple Watch sales estimates were calculated over the past three months.

Slice Intelligence tracks e-receipts from 2.5 million online shoppers in the U.S., which it claims is the largest panel anywhere, that sign up for the company's value-added services such as Slice and Slice, for example, is a free app for tracking packages, receipts, price drops, product recall alerts and more.

The research firm had a sample size of about 22,000 Apple Watch customers among its panel of 2.5 million online shoppers in the U.S. through July 10, more than double the sample size of about 9,000 shoppers it had when it estimated Apple Watch pre-orders reached nearly 1 million on launch day in the U.S. on April 10.

Slice Intelligence also offers an API for developers to provide users with their purchase history and can aggregate e-receipt data through some of these third-party apps and services. The research firm claims to be the only one to provide direct measurement of all digital commerce activity and customer loyalty.

Slice Intelligence says it is "very confident" that its Apple Watch sales estimates are within proximity to what Apple has actually sold, noting that its data is measured against third-party sources such as Amazon and the U.S. Department of Commerce with between 97% and 99% accuracy. Slice and Apple have not been in contact.

The research firm claims to have a diversified pool of consumers that is highly representative of the online shopping population and balanced to eliminate biases. Agarwal says that his firm's panel lines up nicely with the overall market and is supplemented by detailed competitive insight and data from clients.

Apple's Q3 FY 2015 results are scheduled to be released on July 21 at 2:00 PM Pacific.


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iPops: Charms For Your Watch Wristband!
With FitBit and Apple Watch finding a permanent place on our wrists, it’s time to update your favorite tech accessory with  iPops , the only charms designed to fit perfectly into watch wristbands! Featuring more than 130 charms, iPops is offering early bird...
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