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Olga Hebert
No one saves us but ourselves. Buddha
No one saves us but ourselves. Buddha

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Lyme Disease
Thanks for the thoughts of concern and caring, everyone. I asked a friend to come by and look to see if I had a tick bite.  She was sure it was a bite, but maybe  not a tick.  She took the picture and showed it to her husband who grew up in tick country.  H...

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Fresh Hell
I took the kids to a Lake Monsters ballgame Monday night.  It was 25 cent hotdog night.  7986 sold, but I was not tempted.  Kristen wouldn't eat a hotdog except at the ballgame and Dane had two.  It was crowded, but the game was a good one although the LM l...

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Broken Bones
Not mine, I should hasten to say. My friend Ginnie. I would call her Humpty Dumpty but she falls and breaks bones rather than an egg shell.  I went with her to a follow appointment for a broken wrist she suffered almost a month ago.  She was to have a consu...

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I took my grandson to a baseball game last Friday night.  We went to see the Lake Monsters.  Their home venue is Centennial Field in Burlington.  I think there is some kind of connection with the Tamp Bay Rays, but I am not so clear on how that all works. M...

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I had a pleasant Fourth spent with friends.  We watched a parade, had chicken barbecue, and took in the fireworks.  I enjoy watching fireworks.  A friend from Florida sent me a picture of the light show put on in Venice. Mother Nature was not going to be ou...

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Never Say Never
My condo has a teeny tiny kitchen.  It has what I need to cook for myself although some might find it lacking because I do not have a microwave. I had a small coffee pot -- one of those Mr. Coffee kind that made two cups even though it claimed to make five....

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A Movie Night
Google image My sister-in-law and friend, Jean, was here for a weekend visit.  Since it was pouring for most of the day on Friday, we mostly did indoor things.  We went out to lunch, poked around an antique/50's vintage store, visited the Lake Champlain Cho...

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I was innocently eating an apple when my grandson let out a cry of disbelief. What's wrong? I have to get an apple so I can show you how to eat one! You take a bite, chew, swallow, take another bite.  It's not rocket science. You're holding it wrong.  I can...

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Oh, there is this blinding ball of light in the sky!  Whatever could it be? I am watching the lawnmower service busy outside.  One guy with a weed whacker and another on a huge lawn tractor.  The grass was indeed very high, but the ground is so saturated I ...

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Some Words of Wisdom
I  offer some words of wisdom today: Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience. Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad. You do not need a parachute to skydive. Yo...
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