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Ibogaine Institute
Helping you free yourself from drug addiction, naturally, without relapsing or withdrawal symptoms. Really? See
Helping you free yourself from drug addiction, naturally, without relapsing or withdrawal symptoms. Really? See


We are an organization that is committed to helping you heal your drug addictions - from street drugs, to pharmaceuticals, and everything in between - naturally, without withdrawal symptoms. You can experience years worth of therapy in a single night at our center, so you can leave your drug dependencies behind, without relapsing.

We run a rehab center in Baja California, Mexico, where we use a newly discovered plant medicine from Africa, that has been proven in Clinical Studies to be extremely effective for healing drug addictions.

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Indiginous tribes from Africa have been using this plant, known as Iboga, for initiation rituals for thousands of years. Which means, this journey isn't easy.

Ibogaine, which is the active component of Iboga, is extracted, and administered to our patients, who are looking for help in freeing themselves from substance dependancy, permanently.

The treatment we offer with Ibogaine, just like the ancient ritual in Africa, is a deeply powerful, intense, and almost-always, profoundly life-changing experience. The medicine will force you to see the very roots of your physical dependency, why you have it, and ultimately, "peel back the veil" so you are no longer run by these unconscious programs that control you.

Many people do not fully understand why they have a susbtance-dependancy, and the KEY to truly healing, and letting this part of yourself go, lays in first understanding WHY you have the addictions you do...

From there, creating real, deep, and permanent change can not help but be the result, once you understand, the ROOTS of your addictions...

The treatment is a deep, intense, and often difficult experience. Are you ready to really look inside? To go into your shadows? To see WHY you have the addictions you do? So you can ultimately let go of the deepest unconscious patterns that keep you enslaved?

There is nothing else in the world that has been proven to be as effective for healing drug addictions, or substance dependency, than Ibogaine. We combine this ancient healing plant with the most effective modern-day addiction-recovery tools, to create the highest success ratio for any drug-rehabilitation program that is out there.

But we can't guarantee your success. Only you can. We'll give you everything you need, to find your freeedom. But the question is: are you really ready to quit?

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