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"How should we analyse our lives?". Interesting FT piece on Social Physics and my response
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I just attended the first portion of the Data-driven education at NIPS ( ) . A few interesting highlights:

Presentation on EdX:
- on orders of 20-100K students / class register
- ~1-12K finish or explore more than half
- most popular: CS, Health in Numbers, JusticeX
- 25% from US, ~15% India, then Spain, etc... 
- No China demographics since YouTube is blocked in China :)
- Spain/Greece have much higher completion rate than others. Why? (hypothesis: unemployment, people trying to pad resumes)
- Mongolia has much higher ratio of female enrollment. (hypothesis: cultural)
- US policy doesn't allow EdX to give out course certificates to Iran (and few countries)
- Demographics: Level of education: primarily Bachelors+, Masters+. Lifelong learners. No overly-eager, enthusiastic high-school students. (Peter Norvig in audience comment: these are just the early adopters, like with iPhones on first release day)
- "India effect": A Robust and significant observation that people in India do not seem to watch lecture videos. Not an observed effect elsewhere (speaker mentioned he did not understand why).

Khan Academy presentation
- ~72mil registered users
- >1.6bil answered problems
- 800K hours/month watch time
- Khan Academy will release partially anonymized usage data! (exercise logs, etc. Nice!)
- presentation unfortunately primarily about describing the Khan Academy Mastery Learning approach / user interface, not on modeling or juicy statistics :(
- Users modeled with an attribute vector, performance on exercises is predicted with logistic regression, time to complete exercise is also predictive.

All slides will eventually be available on the workshop website. I particularly recommend waiting for the EdX presentation slides as there were a lot of interesting statistics. Really liked that presentation and the speaker, Daniel Seaton.
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