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Chrystal Bliske
A mother of many and a happy wife.
A mother of many and a happy wife.

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Crazy Start to the"New" School Year
Well, normally I'd say we're all set and breezing through the beginning of the new school year. However, this year that's not the case. It seems that when we bought our new home in Kentucky that the previous owners were hiding a few facts. Such as the prese...

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An Update on Our Lives
Goodness gracious! It's been a little while since I made a blog post!  We had a wonderful visit with our family over the Christmas holidays and a pretty uneventful trip home (though we did have a sudden repair we needed to do to our van before we left). And...

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Week of Packing
OK, let me just start with packing a family of 5 people, 2 dogs, 2 birds, and a cat (found a home for the other cat) really is a pain in the neck of epic proportions!  We began packing on Monday with some neighbor's help and while the women were inside the ...

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Spelling You See, Review Before the Review
We were very lucky this year to not only be allowed to use ECJ as a guinea pig for a new level of Spelling You See ... but also to be given two free copies of the Jack and Jill level to review for my girls!! ** Although I was given these products for free t...

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Just Another Week in ....
This week had it's ups and downs ... they're not ones the children really knew about and we'll be sharing a lot about them next week so you'll just have to wait in suspense! Other than that this was "Just Another Week in Paradise" (though paradise is not wh...

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A Look Back at Our Year Outside
I've decided to do our look back over our year outside for our  1000 Hour Outside Challenge  mainly in pictures and then offer you my thoughts at the end.  Out of the 1000 hour goal we managed 701.75 hours outside! That pesky Polar Vortex really put a cramp...

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Peanut Turns 6!
It's not every day that you have a birthday, and you only turn six once! Peanut turned six just this past Saturday and we attempted to make it as perfect for her as possible. Peanut woke up to a giant surprise ... talk about becoming a princess over night!!...

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First Week "Back"
This has been one of those interesting, first week of the new school year, life gets messy, kind of weeks. Monday  I didn't have to work and it was our first day back to fall lessons . I'd purposely made the first half of this week lesson light so that ther...

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Week of Wonders
There's no other way to describe this week. It was simply wonderful all the way around (OK, so there was a bump or two along the way but pretty much easily resolved). I was scheduled to work 4 days this week with my 3 days off being all in a row beginning o...

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Review Testing
OK, so this week we had planned to do a full five days worth of school and then allow the children to have no work (other than daily reading and Bible studies which happen every day no matter what day it is) from Sat. 8/30 - Sun. 9/7 and start back to our f...
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