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Hi fellow reprapers, I would like to ask question...

I am thinking about making worm-screw based extruder (I should be able to make worm-wheel on lathe with screw-cutting tools, so for DIY should be enough)

and there is one thing about worm-screws, they got big gear ratio, like 1:40? which seems fine because you can make extruder with ridiculous strenght.

But I was wondering, what is maximal speed i should be able to achieve with Nema17 (2.5A) and reprap's stepstick ? have somebody every really stressed it to it's maximum in terms of speed?

I mean, it would be pointless to got such a big strength with pulling with really slow speeds...

Of course I can compesat for gear ratio with making gear that pushes material bigger (again, possible for me on lathe), but actually calculations said that to get 1000steps/mm (which just doubles my actual settings), my pushing gear should be 3 times bigger than worm-wheel :) (which is too big to be practical)(P.S: assuming that pitch on the worm-wheel would be 1mm)

question is, what is maximum steps/mm for me to be able to work?

Hi folks, I was wondering... I slowly started to research how expensive would it be to get water cooled hotend (and motors eventually), main reason were:
- reduce air flow in my heated box
- I have to use stronger fan to work properly (e3d v5 hotend) ...
- make it a little bit less noiser
- water cooling should be more effective and actually smaller (I can replace big radiator on e3d with something smaller)
- I should be able to afford high temp materials
- everything I listed doubles with dual hot ends...

but I found that initial investment would have to be quite high because I can't find any old radiators (you have to cool the liquid somehow) or any water pumps I could use.... (But I should be able to easily modify e3d to be watercooled)... and I am not sure it will be worth it...

also... I was thinking... is it safe to use water to cool something that  got 250C ? I mean... if pump would stop to work... the water near the nozzle would eventually go over 100C and that is something I consider dangerous ...

so... do you have any eperience? or what is your input?

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Just finished "hexify" script in opesncad... looks cool and it should do  same effect for anything... but let's just say that for a lot of "3D" objects it can end ugly :)
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Hi folks, I've got this .... interesting math thingy :)

I have to count how many numbers are there with these conditions:
 - three digits number
 - only digits: 0,1,2,3,4,5,6
 - only higher than 200
 - only even numbers
 - digits should not repeat 

P.S: my knowledge of proper english math terms is poor, so please, patence O:)

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my little dual-screen setup... with goddamn multiple icons... 

Hi folks, just curious ... Which 3D printer do you use to print OpenRC parts? 

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something big is coming, I hope :-)
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hehe, jsem si tak zkousel SuperPi na notesu,linux, 11.7s, z testu z internetu ma stejny procak na widlich 13.9s :-P PWNED
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