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Mardi Gras Fine Foods proudly offers Specialty Gourmet catering services to the community since 1984. Our stellar reputation with our family and business customers is based on our dedication to using quality ingredients, providing original and second-to none flavors. We are also very proud of our professional and courteous catering staff members.

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Are you equipped with all you need for coffee?

Coffee urns
Ground coffee
Half & half or milk
Substitute sugar
Lemon wedges for tea

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Our professional catering service is owned and operated by food enthusiasts and experienced chefs whose passion lies in creating beautiful and delicious meals. Our chefs will deliver the most exquisite meals for you and your guests, from the first appetizers to the last desserts. Our esteemed customers are always pleasantly surprised by how original our food creations are.

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Whether you are planning an intimate dinner with friends or a wedding reception for 500 guests, Mardi Gras is here to help.

Visit the link below to have a look at our menus!

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To Do:

Print up directions for your guests and send/fax/email them to avoid having to repeat them many times.

Turn on and use all refrigerators in your house and know what foods need refrigeration and what can remain at room temperature. Proper storage is VERY important. If you are unsure, ask the Mardi Gras staff what items require refrigeration.

Be sure your oven is calibrated properly. When heating food in your
oven, follow the heating instructions as a guideline ONLY and remember that all ovens are calibrated differently and that the more you put into an oven, the longer you will be heating things.

Equip your bathroom with enough toilet tissue and hand towels. Check it throughout the event to be sure it is clean.

Contact your neighbors (or the police in some cases) if there will be a lot of traffic and cars the day of your party.
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