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Bill Garrett

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Ha! I came across this last week and was kicking myself when I got home Thursday because I forgot to ask if it was a good contextual study for Barth. I guess it is!

Bill Garrett

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I just read this after my training run tonight. It may be the funniest and most profound account of running I've ever come across.

Be sure to read all six parts.
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Bill Garrett

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A Thought On The "Disappointment" Of The Moto X

I've been as annoyed as apparently many others with the news that perhaps the revolutionary Moto X is just going to be a midrange phone with cosmetic appeal. Until I thought more about these sensors.

You see, a dual core processor with a multitude of new sensors says "painfully slow phone" to me. My Bionic drags as it is on JB, and the new Motorola knows this and would be incredibly stupid to release a slow phone to the general public no matter how many cool sensors it has. But on the other hand, there are 3 iPhone 4's in my house that still operate smoothly, so it got me thinking... maybe Moto has figured out how to set up hardware that lets the OS run smoothly on a dual core processor, and the other hardware producers are releasing quad and octo cores because they're taking the easy route of dealing with ever newer and more advanced Android releases. 
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+Sean G that's what I'm saying. Based on the Nexus 4, I think Google is trying to move Android away from raw processing power to making superphones that actually have super features. If they can make a new dual core processor phone run as smoothly with the newest Android OS as an iPhone 4 does on the newest iOS, they have a winner.
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Bill Garrett

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Can anyone tell me why this isn't the better way?
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It will not be compatible with any non-Apple products.
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Bill Garrett

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Any #Android  users figured out how to create a shortcut to the Reminders on +Evernote   ?
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My bad. Denise, I am using the beta version of the widget. Since evernote has updated the app for everyone, hopefully the new version of the widget will be out soon. 
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Tried to iron out pacing for the Ridgewood 10K on Monday. My first less than half-marathon. I'm either going to do really well for myself or burn myself out with a mile to go.
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Bill Garrett

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3 points:

1. Apple is, with the release of the 5c, following the same basic pricing/features procedure they have for the past few iterations. It was in place before Samsung Galaxy 3/4 pricing.

2. Why use the examples of a phone that is now 4-1/2 years old and a tablet that is 3-1/2? They have nothing to do with the 4s or 5c currently being sold.

3. Your assertion that 64 bit architecture is to handle iOS 7 and that the phone will be laggy without it demonstrates how little you know about Apple and iOS. Your comment is not based on knowledge, but experience with Android upgrades. My wife's iPhone 4 runs far better on iOS 6 than my newer, more powerful Bionic was running on ICS.
As a blogger mainly on Ggoogle+ I know I am going to get a lot of flack on blogging about the iPhone 5S and iPhone5C. But there are some people who are still stuck in the Apple ecosystem and enjoy that functionality and will ...
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Did 5 miles tonight in my new +xeroshoes . The reflective aspect is terrific for night running and being open is a great plus on a hot night.

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+Bill Garrett Agreed.  I cut mine down too much and now my toes can reach over the edge if I slip forward too much....and, since I'm a hack with scissors, they look like crap.
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Bill Garrett

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"This is the same language used to describe the look of phones such as the Droid Razr M, so we can expect a similar style." 

Ummm, hate to tell you mister reporter who gets paid to look into this stuff, but these specs ARE the Droid Razr M!!! Can't major networks get real tech writers??
Motorola has accidentally published details on its own website of an unannounced smartphone, named the Droid Ultra.
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Swiss chard, heirloom tomatoes, blueberries, pomegranate seeds, homemade coconut bacon and some raspberry vinegar. Almost too good looking to eat!
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Looks yummy :-) 
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preacher, runner, plant eater.
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Still a favorite for quick, quality food, but I feel like portion sizes are shrinking rapidamente.
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Great, healthy food choices including vegetarian and vegan options and terrific juices and smoothies. Fast, friendly service.
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I actually found this place accidentally while leaving the parking lot of a much larger competitor across the street (Tropiquarium).They have apparently just moved location and upon entering discovered that there was still some unpacking to do. However, for a small store, they have a great deal of stock for reef tanks (can't comment on the reptile part), and better, are very knowledgable, friendly, and have great prices!
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