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I made a temporary file sharing site. Check out this post about it

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Creating a Web Drive on AWS
I don't trust cloud storage services, and you should either. So here is a guide to create your own online drive. I should note, there are a couple services out there like ownCloud and soon to be NextCloud  which will likely fulfill your cloud storage needs,...

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Great if you just want something to look at on the other screen when you are gaming :)

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I've been playing this rhythm game called Osu! a lot recently. You should try it out! This game is so fun! :3 Watch live video from MilkyTaste on Twitch

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Opening new tabs with Dojo, Ajax and Safari on iPad
Recently found out that Safari won't call in a callback when using dojo.xhrPost and dojo.xhrGet . This is a false positive with the popup blocker. The pop up blocker is usually a good thing, so we don't want to just tell the user to disable it...

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Trouble Installing Docker Compose
Had some trouble installing Docker Compose on a fresh Fedora 22 install today. Figured I'd write it here, as this is the kind of problem I'd hit multiple times... Needed to run the following: sudo dnf install python-devel fixed the "missing Python.h" error,...

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AWS Learnings
This post is for me not you ☺ I've started looking at Amazon Web Services as a cheap and easy way to host my various projects. Yes valued reader, that is another reason for this blog to die! Since my memory is horrible I'm going to make a couple posts about...

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Security Status Calculator - EVE
This post is a tool for EVE Online . The calculations are well known but no one seems to have written a simple calculator for working out your new security status if you kill a dude. So here you go: Your Sec Status: Their Sec Status: System: Your new status...

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Apache Server Permission Error
Every single time I create a new apache server I forget to give permissions to the www-data group. So I'm pasting a great answer I got from stackoverflow to this blog for future reference. //Create new group
$ sudo addgroup webdev

//Change the group of you...

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