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Stanley Morris
I am an old hippie who married an extremely talented girl, raised two good boys, built a computer company, and can raise lots of plants. I also have five LCD TVs in my man cave so I don't miss any sports.
I am an old hippie who married an extremely talented girl, raised two good boys, built a computer company, and can raise lots of plants. I also have five LCD TVs in my man cave so I don't miss any sports.

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Amy’s Hero #saturdayscenes #talesoftheragoon #sciencefiction #aliens #phobias #romance #amyshero
By Stan Morris
Copyright 2012, 2016

Amy - a young woman who has been withdrawing from life
District Supervisor - one of the alien Ragoon, viceroy of Central California
Jayne Laurence - the District Supervisor's assistant

Chapter One Amy Exiled (part 4)

Donuts! At that moment, Amy would have died for a Krispy Kreme or a Dunkin', but even thinking of visiting the break room in daytime was agonizing. Hesitantly, she went to the door and peeked into the hallway. She took a tentative step out of her room, and then panic attacked her. She fled into her room and into the shower, where she sat gasping for breath, and then as her breathing eased she began to sob, tears of frustration. She stayed in the shower for a long time, feeling like some old, worn out thing, and then she slept for a time. When she woke, she left the shower and went to the window. Strolling aliens and people moved from building to building. She stared out the window, remembering a time when she could walk outdoors without feeling uncomfortable.

Amy heard a noise behind her, and when she turned around, she was surprised to see the alien. At least, it looked like the same alien. 'Her alien', was the way she thought of it. It was holding a donut box and a newspaper. Ignoring Amy, it marched into her room and sat down on her bed, causing it to groan under its weight. It set the donut box on the mattress, opened the newspaper, and began to read. Uncertain how to respond, Amy stood by the window, watching the alien. The aroma of the freshly baked donuts wafted her way, and she stared at the container. Gathering her courage, she began to sidle toward her bed and the tempting donut box, but by the time she reached the bed she was trembling. Alert for any movement from the huge hulk, she opened the box. There were two jelly donuts inside. Swiftly, she took one and moved back to the window. She ate the donut slowly, savoring the taste.

As she finished eating the donut, a woman walked into the room. Amy recognized her as the woman who had seemed familiar. With a start, Amy remembered that she had accompanied the aliens the day Amy had been abducted. Fearfully, Amy shrank back against the wall. The woman was carrying some kind of apparatus, and the pseudo-lizard hissed as if annoyed when the woman handed the device to the alien. The lizard placed the device over its snout and fumbled with the retaining strap.


Amy was not surprised to hear it speak, for she recognized the device as one of the digital translators the Ragoon used to communicate with their human subjects. The voice sounded mechanical.

"District Supervisor, the preparations for the library have been completed. Should I tell the new librarian to begin work tomorrow?"

"Could this not have waited until I got back to my office, Jane?"

"I'm sorry, District Supervisor. It's almost noon, and I wanted to contact the new employee before lunch, in case she has any last minute personal preparations to complete.”

"Very well. Yes, contact the woman and have her start tomorrow. After she is certain the security devices are working, we will select some inmates to take part in the pilot project."

"Thank you. I’m sorry to have interrupted your break."

The alien waved impatiently, and the woman left. The alien went back to reading the newspaper, but it did not remove the translator from its snout.
Amy had barely listened to the exchange; she was too busy trying to be invisible. But after Jane was gone, she began to relax. When she was calmer, she thought about what she had heard. Two pieces of information stood out. First: apparently she was in prison. Second: somewhere close by, a library was about to open. Amy loved books. She liked printed books, and she liked ebooks. She loved to read almost as much as she liked to use a computer. She wondered if it was possible to obtain one of the library's books.

After a few minutes, the alien stood. It tucked the newspaper under its arm, grabbed the donut box, and took a step. Then it stopped.

"Do you want the last donut?"

The alien was speaking to her. She nodded and surprised herself by saying, "Yes."

The alien laid the box on her bed and left the room.

When Amy visited the break room that evening, the place was a mess. Dirty cups, some still half filled with coffee or tea, were lying on the counter and on the table. Small plastic plates, greasy from the crumbs of donuts, were stacked in the sink. And everywhere she saw plastic knives, sporks, and wadded napkins. She went to the refrigerator to raid it, but there was nothing available, not even plastic bottles of water.

She wondered if the alien would show up. The condition of the room annoyed her. She began to gather the detritus of the party that had apparently been held earlier. She threw away the napkins and piled the coffee cups, plates, and utensils in the sink. When she was finished, she looked at the filled sink. Dissatisfied, she moved the items to the counter and started the hot water running. When the District Supervisor arrived, she was almost finished washing the dishes. She stopped for a moment to wipe the table and then returned to her task. When she finished, she sat down at the table and shared the newspaper. After a minute or two, she caught a whiff of a woody unfamiliar smell, and she realized that it was the scent of the alien. It was not unpleasant.

Later, as the alien was leaving, it said, "Thank you for cleaning this area, Amy."

Amy gave the District Supervisor a tentative smile. "You're welcome."

“I will have food, labeled with your name, delivered here, beginning tomorrow.”

“Thank you,” she replied, surprised and grateful.

Later, as she lay on her bed, Amy realized that her brief conversation with the lizard was been the first time she had spoken to someone in a very long time.

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I have many Christmas CDs, so I never thought about trying YouTube, but then I found this.

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I always enjoy this one.

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Did not like it at first, but over the years, this one grew on me. #myholidaysongs

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Amy’s Hero #saturdayscenes #talesoftheragoon #sciencefiction #aliens #phobias #romance #amyshero
By Stan Morris
Copyright 2012, 2017

Chapter One Amy Exiled (part 3)

Amy woke to daylight streaming through the window. She heard voices in the hallway, so she grabbed the pillow and crawled under the bed, staying there until it became uncomfortable. She wished she had something to cover the entry. Amy thought about the mattress. I'll take it off the bed and stand it against the doorway. She crawled from under the bed and tried to remove the mattress from the bed frame, but it would not budge. When she examined it, she noticed that the mattress was wired to the bed frame, and the bed frame was bolted to the floor. Defeated, Amy sat down on the bed.

Someone walked by the door. It was a human female, and she glanced into the room with a look of curiosity on her face. Amy tensed, but after a moment the woman, who seemed familiar, continued on her way. Amy thought about crawling back under the bed, but she really did not want to do that. Then inspiration struck. She grabbed her pillow and opened the shower door. She took the hanging towel from the rack, placed it on the tiled floor, and dropped the pillow onto the towel. She stepped inside the shower stall, shut the door, and sat down on the pillow. She leaned against the tile, and the tension in her muscles eased.

Amy stayed in the shower stall a long time. It was much better than being in the open room, but she got bored. I should have taken the newspaper the alien left in the break room. She tried to lie down and take a nap, but the tile was uncomfortably hard. When she got thirsty, she drank from the shower head after moving her pillow and towel out of stall, and then she waited patiently for the tiles to dry before rearranging her nest. In the late afternoon, the light from the window faded. The walking and talking in the hallway diminished, until there was silence.

Amy waited until the lights on the ceiling dimmed, and then she made her way to the break room. She found another sandwich and a soda, sat down at the table, and began to eat. About half way through her meager meal, she heard a sound. She looked up and froze, for there was the alien, or maybe it was another. She decided it was the same alien when it opened the refrigerator and went through the same indecisive procedure it had done the previous evening. As before, it sat at the table and began to read her hometown newspaper. The difference this time was that Amy was not pressed against the wall, she was across the table from it. Amy was torn between her desire to escape back to her room and her fear of passing the massive extra-terrestrial.

A headline on the front page of the newspaper caught her eye. There had been a break-in at a computer store a few blocks from where she lived. She was familiar with the store, because it was where her father had purchased her comcell. Thinking about her computer depressed her. She would have felt a lot better about this situation if her computer was in the room where she had been placed. She lifted her eyes from the newspaper to the alien, and felt a jolt when she saw it staring at her. Her heart started pounding, but the alien removed the center section of the newspaper, and then casually pushed the front section toward Amy. It opened the section it had kept and continued reading.

Amy stared at the newspaper with trepidation and longing, and then finally, gingerly, she put a hand out and touched the paper. Slowly, glancing from time to time at the alien, she pulled the newspaper to her. In spite of her fear, curiosity caused to read the headlines. She became engrossed in the paper, and then she felt another jolt when she realized the alien had risen and was cleaning its dinnerware. Without another glance at Amy, it exited the break room, leaving the part of the newspaper it had been reading.

She read the newspaper from cover to cover, but when she finished reading, she became uneasy from being away from the relative safety of her room. She was about to leave the break room with the newspaper when she hesitated. What if someone comes looking for it? They might come into my room! She left the newspaper on the table.

That night, Amy did not bother to crawl under her bed, but she lay in the dimness for a long time, listening and thinking. She thought about her parents, she wondered where she was, and she wondered about the alien. It did not seem to be a threat. It was the most non-threatening entity she had encountered in a long time, other than her parents.

This routine continued several more days. During the daytime, she stayed in the shower most of the time, longing for her comcell or even the newspaper, which she continued to leave in the break room. In the evening, she went to the break room to eat, to read the paper, and to replenish her stock of food. She took extra food from the break room to her room, so she had nourishment during the day. Inevitably, the alien showed up after she was in the break room, and it always carried the newspaper, and it always shared the paper or left it with Amy. In a strange way, she felt more at ease with the alien than with her parents, because it took practically no notice of her. It never spoke, and eventually she realized why. It was not wearing the translator device that allowed the pseudo-lizards to speak English, so it couldn't talk to her.

One morning Amy woke to loud, laughing, human voices. The voices grated on Amy's nerves, and the young woman was agitated even further when an older woman stuck her head into Amy's room.

"There are donuts in the break room," she announced. "Better get one before the big uglies eat them all." She disappeared.

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And it's done. Final word count is 126, 733. Here is the link to Chapter Twenty Four.
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