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Angels Touch Home Care Provider Inc.
Committed to give life a new hope and good health through compassionate caring.
Committed to give life a new hope and good health through compassionate caring.


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As home care providers, we are here to assure you compassion, ease, and confidence. You are not denied to live life to the fullest.

Please visit our website to browse our services:
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Top 3 Hygiene Issues on Seniors and How to Solve Them

Aside from mobility problems and weaker senses, personal hygiene is oftentimes problematic among the old timers. They are no longer as brisk and invigorated as they were during the golden days. They need your help.

See the list below and find out what you can do for them:

1. Body odor.
Regular baths are the ultimate solution for your senior citizens’ smelling problem. However, it must be noted that some medicines cause pungent excretions. If that is the case, constant hydration is the key.

2. Frail skin.
Aside from lotions and moisturizers, the skin is best nurtured with the right kind of foods. Serve meals that are rich in Vitamin E for more radiating and healthier skin.

3. Brittle hair.
Dermatologists suggest that shampooing should be done every other day. Also, in picking hair care variants, choose brands that contain less active ingredients to avoid irritation.

When you notice any of these in your senior elderly one, it may be the time to go for home care services. Ours is just one click away. To get in touch with Angel’s Touch Home Care Provider, Inc., please visit
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Being a family-owned agency has its multiple perks, one of which is the ability to empathize with real family situations.

#Family #HomeCare
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Keeping Your Senior Citizens Energized

Are you seeing your senior loved ones slumped and drained? That kind of disposition is unhealthy considering their critical age. Help them pursue wellness by changing their static mindsets. Keep them fully energized with the help of these brilliant ideas:

1. Get sufficient hours of sleep.
Promote good sleep. Determine what disturbs them during the night and apply appropriate solutions.

2. More protein.
Foods rich in protein are energy boosters. Recommended choices are lean meats like tuna, turkey, and leafy vegetables such as spinach.

3. Stop smoking.
A clean and smoke-free lung[Use singular form because there is “A” at the start of the sentence] grants you better breathing and taste. According to experts, quitting tobaccos help you generate a more active and energized body.

4. Drink more water.
Dehydration sinks your energy levels. It’s best if your seniors drink two liters of water daily.

5. It’s all in the mind.
Getting energized is partly a mind game. Encourage your senior citizens to practice healthy living. Moral support goes a long way.

Everybody must stay fit, even the old timers. With the help of our services, we can make their lives healthier and easier. Don’t hesitate to call Angel’s Touch Home Care Provider, Inc. at 323-875-2683.
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6 Cancer-Preventive Habits You Must Maintain

1. Engage in an active lifestyle.
2. Maintain a healthy weight.
3. Eat tons of fruits and vegetables.
4. Get enough hours of sleep.
5. Quit smoking.
6. Drink less alcohol.

Our ultimate goal – to provide quality assistance in order to secure your best health at home. Please visit our website to browse our services: #Health #HomeCare
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Panic attacks happen at homes too. Send your inquiries via email at

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Personalized Services
Personalized home care services that fit your needs? Angel’s Touch Home Care Provider, Inc. can surely help! Call us at 323-875-2683 #care
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To know more about our Hourly Live-Out services, browse at or call us at 323-875-2683 for more information. #homecare #care #love
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How to Maximize Hourly Live-Out Services?

Elders cannot function independently over time. It’s because their physical strength weakens as they grow old. More so, it is our responsibility to take care of them and assist them in the best way possible. However, not all the time we can be there to help them. We too have our other errands and tasks to attend. One may not simply abandon their responsibility because the elders truly need their support emotionally and physically. In such cases, it would be best to give them professional caregivers that will provide excellent home care services.

Home Care Services are important because it enables to assist and help the elders we love with their daily chores and routines. The caregivers are vital to the elders’ improvement. To ensure that the elders you love get the care they deserve while you are at work or running an errand, Hourly Live-Out Services might be the best solution to it. The service entails hourly caregiving wherein caregivers provide short term exceptional care. How to maximize the service? Here’s how:

- Choose the right home care provider
- Know the needs of your loved ones
- The caregiver we give to our loved ones should match the personality of the latter.

Learn more about Hourly Live-Out Services! Contact 323-875-2683 for more information.
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Compassionate Care
Compassionate Care within Los Angeles County? Not a problem! Angel’s Touch Home Care Provider, Inc. is now here to help you! #care #homecare
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