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The seasons of refreshing
It's been HOT...really HOT...and humid, and the promise of more coming in the next few days. Sometimes the storms come in our lives. They're TOUGH, and we know there are more to come, but in the midst....He comes

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The Season of a New Year
Even if you don't subscribe to making new year's resolutions, when the calendar turns over to January 1, and you have to remember it is now a different year, you can't help but reflect and look forward. It's a good place for fresh starts and new beginnings....

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Another Season
I've taken two trips recently where the fall foliage was on magnificent display. Yesterday, I looked out my window and watched big, fluffy flakes fall from the sky and cover the piles of those pretty leaves, which have now fallen to the ground. Seasons chan...

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The Season of Apathy
Over three months. It's been that long since I have posted anything on this blog. Why? Did I suddenly decide blogs were unimportant? Did I find out that all blogs are evil? Did I break all my fingers, causing me to be unable to post? Did I decide to quit? N...

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The Season of Trash
While traveling down the highway, I saw a sign saying,
“Please don’t litter. Keep your trash to yourself.” Another sign said, 'Litter and it Will Hurt.' Sometimes we are guilty of spreading trash...gossip, rumors, unkind words, neglect..... And just like th...

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The Season of being Stuck in the Muck
Rachel Randolph After several cold rainy days in October, the clouds parted and the sun came out. Tired of being cooped up, we seized the moment and met up with a few friends at a small petting zoo. The sunny morning was exactly what my son Jackson and I ne...

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The Season of Bread and Butter Days
Deadlines. Emails. Laundry. Cooking. Cleaning. Life is so daily. One foot in front of the other. Nine-to-five sandwiched between get up, get there, go home, go to bed. Where are the glimpses of glory in all that? What did Jesus do with all that? Before you ...

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Seasons of a Miserable Life
10 Ways to Live a Miserable
Life 1.  Focus on the
negative.  Whine and complain about everything and everyone all the
time. 2.  Be ungrateful and
unappreciated of the relationships, health, and possessions you do have. 3.  Constantly criticize

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The season of finishing well
It’s Not How You Start. It’s How You Finish Sharon Jaynes “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the  faith ” (2 Timothy 4:7 NIV). I sat by her bed. Her hand swollen…full…unmoving. Feet that danced just a few weeks ago now stil...

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The seasons of miracles
I've learned that miracles don't always look
like miracles. Sometimes, miracles look like
lessons in wisdom. Sometimes, they look like mistakes
that you learn from. Sometimes, they look like
inconvenient interruptions. Sometimes, they look like
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