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Joshua “gamehugger” Jaeger
friends and family, I have arrived!
friends and family, I have arrived!
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Download 2 Remastered vs. Original Comparison
Video comparisons of the Electrohaze REMASTERED Download 2 for PC Engine!  Check out Electrohaze at these fine links to get your own copy of this remaster and more!!

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Gate of Thunder Remastered by: Electrohaze
  Electrohaze said he would do it, so now he has done it! Taking all the music from Gate of Thunder and remastering it.  After working with EQ's for several hours making sure he wasn't clipping the music, fixing some fades, and even EQ'd tracks left and rig...

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Pokemon Go? How about PC Engine Stay!!
Being a big Turbo fan all my adult life, I often run into other big
"gamers" and try to make idle chit chat about games.  They say they love
RPGs and throw out names like Skyrim or Fallout and the first thing I
think is, "Damn, I was going to say Legend ...

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Streets of Rage 2 - PCE Music!?
Unquestionably one of the greatest 16-bit soundtracks of all time has been remastered using the PC Engine/Turbografx soundchip and the result is stunning!! Check it out below and check out more chiptunes from the very talented SpeedySPCFan !

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Unreleased TENGEN PC Engine games!
A former Tengen employee, Jun Amanai ,  put up a bunch of unreleased PC Engine ports,
when they were evaluating the system. He has put up Magical Puzzle
Popils, Marble Madness, Peter Pack-Rat, and Off the Wall. These videos are shared of actual projects f...

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Lucretia : Demon Princess - Pre Orders and info!!
Eponasoft Eponasoft is officially opening preorders for our first physical PC Engine release. All preorders come with the full line of additional products offered both by us and by Frozen Utopia. The retail price is a low $29.95. The game is scheduled to sh...

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Ken Matsu's TG-16 midi keyboard.
This is all sorts of amazing!  Listening to the Turbo Chiptunes pumping through our little engine that could!

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Henshin Engine - Sarumaru's love letter to PC Engine fans!
  Henshin Engine is an original web comic by Sarumaru, inspired by the PC Engine and the days of 8-bit and 16-bit gaming.  The story is about about a gaming-gal
named Yuki Shirokawa who just started an apprenticeship for the Jipang
Electronics Corporati...
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