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Michael O'Donnabhain
Blogger, aspiring polymath and knowledge artisan - originally from Donegal in Ireland, but currently living in London.
Blogger, aspiring polymath and knowledge artisan - originally from Donegal in Ireland, but currently living in London.


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Cirencester - Christmas Trees, Hope and Heavy Rain
The fact that I’m writing this blog post on Christmas Eve shows how busy life has been since we did our last Chester walk, more than a month ago, up in the wilds of the Gloucestershire/Wiltshire border. There’s no train station in Cirencester (pronounced Si...

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Gloucester - Bus times, Broadband and the story of Bill's
It's been just over a year since we had our first foray into Gloucestershire, when we walked in the Cotswolds last June (visiting Frocester and Woodchester ).  But this was our first visit ever to Gloucester city itself. In Roman times, Gloucester was calle...

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Carmarthen - Cats, Cows and Castles
Carmarthen marked our second foray into Wales, as part of our series of 'Chester' walks and the weather couldn't have been more different on this walk (blazing hot sunshine) compared to our last Welsh walk, from Caerphilly to Cardiff , back in February (a l...

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Cheshunt - Retail, Reservoirs and Regeneration
It would be a real shame to do this Chester series and not have an excuse to include the ancient capital of Britain, founded by the Romans after their invasion in 43 CE. It goes by the name of  London  these days - you might have heard of it? Actually, the ...

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Caerphilly to Cardiff - Gwyddau a chestyll (digaffein)
It's now six and a half years since myself and BAM (Best Aussie Mate) started walking the Chesters  of England and it took a long time for us to realise that there were any chesters  in Wales at all, because the Welsh prefix Caer-  wasn't immediately obviou...

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Reculver - Maponimoes, Marshes and a very Merry Christmas!
Reculver marked our second foray into Kent, although both myself and BAM (Best Aussie Mate) have walked on the Kent coast several times with our walking group 'The Odd Weekenders' and we're about to embark on a separate project to walk the Saxon Shore way, ...

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Chesterblade - Sheep, Steam Engines and Squaddies
Almost a month has passed since we set off on our weekend adventure to Somerset, in pursuit of yet another Chester , this time Chesterblade, a hamlet just a few miles south of Shepton Mallet, the main town in the Mendip hills. This was our second trip to So...

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Granchester - Academics, Apples and sore Ankles
As Cambridgeshire is so close to London, we decided to do our Grantchester walk as a day trip, travelling from Liverpool Street station to Cambridge early on Saturday morning, returning from Great Shelford station later in the evening. I'd been in Cambridge...

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Frocester and Woodchester - Tourists, Trees and Traffic
Although Frocester and Woodchester were our 38th and 39th 'Chesters', this was a walk with quite a few firsts for us - first time in Gloucestershire, first time in Cotswolds (for me, although BAM - Best Aussie Mate - had been in the Cotswolds before), first...

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Chesterfield - Crooked spires, Stud Farms and the Cuckoo Canal
I'd really been looking forward to going to Chesterfield, having passed through the town once before, on my way to Sheffield and being intrigued by the curiously twisted spire of Chesterfield's parish church, the Church of St Mary and the All Saints (sounds...
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