I'm working on an Apples-to-Apples style party game called Superhero Audition. In it, you and the other players vote on would-be superheroes in a series of elimination rounds, like American Idol. Each round has a new Crisis for you to base your vote. For example:

A kitten is stuck in a tree! Who would be rescue it most gently?

Aliens steal Earth's moon! Who can bring it back?

An earthquake strikes California! Who can help the entire Pacific coast at once?

Orpheo the Necromancer summons a a ghost army! Who can defeat his magic?

The children's hospital is hosting a charity event! Who is most popular with the kids?

I need a bunch of these Crises. Nothing is too absurd! You know how silly the Silver Age was after all. I want a wide variety of situations, too, from small street-level stuff to giant global threats. Can you come up with a crisis or two?
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