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Rod Miller
Western author and poet.
Western author and poet.

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Lies They Tell Writers, Part 39: Believe in yourself.
People who
attempt to write a book (or a short story, magazine article, movie, poem, or song)
harbor the belief that they can pull it off. They’ve convinced themselves they
can spend the requisite time in a chair, are confident they can string together
the ...

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Rawhide Robinson Rides the Interweb.
Robinson, the ordinary cowboy who finds himself involved in all manner of
extraordinary events, now has his own web site. Visit and you’ll learn about the Wild West’s
wildest cowboy. You can watch (in a matter of seconds) sho...

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Where palette meets palate.
For the past
several years I have been fascinated by the fascination with “Certified Angus
Beef.” It shows up on all manner of menus, from fine dining establishments to
fast food emporiums. In supermarket meat cases, too. It’s supposed to mean
something. I ...

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My Favorite Book, Part 8.
When Ivan
Doig died in 2015, we lost one of our best Western authors. Doig wrote a number
of books and I’m pretty sure I’ve read them all. Several of them are listed
among my favorites, including English
Creek , Bucking the Sun , Mountain Time , The Bartend...

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Another one bites the dust.
American Cowboy magazine announced recently that they are
drawing the shades, pulling the plug, turning out the lights, blowing out the
candle, locking the doors, pulling in the latchstring, folding their tent,
spooling their bedroll, and selling their sadd...

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Lies They Tell Writers, Part 38: You, too, can be a best-selling author.
We once
addressed the “lie” that nobody reads anymore. The fact is, people are reading. Which brings up the
question many (most) writers ask: “Why aren’t they reading my books?” The question persists, despite the many times writers (including
me) have been ...

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Porter Rockwell pulls the trigger in True West.
The latest
issue of True West magazine (May
2017) is on newsstands. Most fans of the Old West are familiar with this
colorful, lively publication that chronicles all kinds of people and events
from our history. In this
issue you’ll find “Utah Bloodbath,” an...

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“Spring into Books” 2017.
Book lovers
who live along the Wasatch Front here in Utah are in for a treat. The Salt Lake
County Library System’s “ Spring
into Books ” event is on the horizon. Dozens of
authors (including yours truly) will be on hand, offering reading for all ages
and a...

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Was Mark Twain right?
There’s a
quotation (that comes in several versions) attributed (without supporting
evidence) to the great Western writer Mark Twain: “I don’t give a damn for a
man that can only spell a word one way.” It seems
that attitude is becoming popular among Americ...

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Lies They Tell Writers, Part 37: Two (or three or six) heads are better than one.
There’s a
term in vogue among writers these days: beta reader. I don’t know where the
phrase originated or why (or what they used to call it), but all it means is
that someone (or several someones) is reading a manuscript you intend to
publish, or submit to...
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