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Everyday College Morning Get Ready With Me
I wasn't quite sure what blog post to prepare for you guys today, but since college and A-levels have been taking over my life lately I thought it'd be apt to do a post related to that somehow. Since I enjoy watching 'get ready with me' style youtube videos...

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Top Six Apps That All Bloggers Need
I use my phone a lot to help with blogging since it's what I use to take and edit my photos, as well as store random notes that may act as inspiration for a blog post. However, there are also many apps that I use to manage and coordinate my blog, and that a...

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5 Ways To Balance Your Academics and Life
Being a student isn't easy - you're expected to do countless pieces of homework and constantly be revising whilst also having other hobbies, maintaining a social life, perhaps working or volunteering, amongst many other things. As exams are quickly approach...

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A Face Full of First Impressions - Testing New Makeup Products
I definitely tend to stay within my comfort zone when it comes to makeup, using the same products on a daily basis as I know they work well for me. However, I've lately been wanting to experiment more and try out new makeup products, as this is something I ...

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A New York Beauty and Clothing Haul and Try On
It's been a long time coming, but I'm finally bringing you my New York haul! I've been working on this post for quite some time but I've been too busy to fully photograph everything until now, but if you're nosy like me and want to know everything I bought ...

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My Current Favourites - Lifestyle, Skincare, Clothing and More
When deciding what post to write this week, I decided that it was about time to update you on a few of the things that I've been loving lately, as it's been some time since I last did this. There's been quite a few new discoveries and things that I haven't ...

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What I've Learnt From Four Years of Blogging
For me, starting a blog was just a little something I decided to do one day after school with no expectations whatsoever. It seemed like the 'in' thing, and since I really enjoyed writing I figured I'd give it a shot. Never in a million years did I think th...

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My Holiday to New York City - February 2018
If you follow me on Twitter then you'll already know that I've just spent the past week on holiday in New York, and had a seriously unbelievable time. I honestly loved every minute of it and genuinely fell in love with the city, as well as taking a ton of g...

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Goodbye Seventeen Cosmetics - Farewell to Favourite Products and Blog Opportunities
It's never great hearing that a makeup brand is being discontinued, especially when it's one of your favourites that you constantly rely on for amazing yet budget-friendly products. Seventeen cosmetics has been one of my go-to brands for quite some time so ...

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Why I Stopped Writing Monthly Favourites Blog Posts
Monthly favourites - one of the most desired and hyped-up types of blog post, that literally everyone craves to see at the end of a month. Whether it's makeup, clothes or general life items that are included, everyone loves to be nosy and get some recommend...
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