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How does a home inspector perform a home foundation inspection?

When you maintain the foundation of your home properly, your home will become highly durable. Foundation damage to Manhattan homes and condominiums can occur due to a good number of reasons and some of them include cracks, mold, moisture, improper drainage and other similar issues. Homeowners should check the state of their home foundation in a regular manner and DIY methods may not reveal all types of problems. If not properly checked, you will have to experience devastating consequences. Here is what a competent home inspector does when he/she gets engaged in the process of foundation inspection:

Moisture can be described as the biggest threat to your foundation and it will adversely affect the stability of the foundation of your home. Competent inspectors will check the plumbing system to find out leaks and loose fittings that cause damage to the foundation and you should also find out the existing condition of your drainage system. Incorrect drainage can create cracks in the foundation and top professional will assess the drainage system in the best possible manner.

You should evaluate the look and feel of the foundation and you will have to find out whether the cosmetic appearance of the foundation has changed. If you find any cracks and discoloration, you can hire a home inspection company and they will check the condition of the foundation using the latest technology. Soil shifting is a major source of concern for a good number of homes and it occurs when soil becomes dry or unevenly moist. An experienced professional will identify areas near the foundation where the soil is shifting position or pulling away.

Problems like cracks or crumbling that extend up walls are a clear sign of foundation problems and buckling of basement floors can also lead to foundation defects. Even during a condominium inspection Manhattan you should have the foundation and structural elements inspected. Basement crumbling can also be described as a major sign and all these issues should be evaluated with the help of a qualified professional. Experienced home inspectors will study the slope of the property and they will also check whether gutters and downspouts keep water away from the foundation.

In normal circumstances, downspouts should extend up to three feet from the foundation and it is absolutely essential to check your neighbor’s home because higher adjacent properties can direct rainfall into your home. Renowned inspectors will study all these aspects with great care and they will also check the intensity of the mold infestation. Certain types of molds grow very quickly and they spread very fast as well. When home owners identify some mold in the foundation walls or basement, they can come to the conclusion that the home has some leakage problems and a reliable home inspection professional will identify the underlying reason behind this issue with utmost accuracy.

Top quality service providers offer free estimates for their clients to make matters highly transparent and you can always expect fast and accurate assessment of the existing condition of the foundation. After the examination, they will prepare a report containing full of solid facts about your Manhattan home  or condo and this report can be used to address the defects in the best possible manner.
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What makes roof inspection a top priority for buyers?

When you decide to purchase a NY home, the roof should be the first thing that you need to check. Hostile weather conditions can adversely affect the condition of a roof and before signing any agreement, you should assess the existing roof condition with the help of a competent and reliable home inspection professional. Your loans will not be approved if you do not conduct roof inspection and you should always make sure that the roof of the home that you plan to purchase is well maintained. Roof replacement definitely invites huge amount of money and the best way to protect roof from getting replaced is to maintain it properly.

Roof inspections can be described as a test to determine the integrity of a roof and top home inspectors will assess the lifespan or durability of the roof with clinical precision. Some people still believe that roof inspectors will pull up shingles or tiles to identify defects and it can be described as a wrong perception. Technological advancements have redefined the concept of roof inspection and best professionals will make use of special procedures to determine the lifespan of a given roof without making any damage. Thorough examination does not mean pulling up part of the roof or creating holes and this procedure will not do any harm to the existing condition of the roof.

Competent roof inspectors always conduct infrared roof inspections and in order to perform this procedure; they do not have to touch the surface of the roof. The temperature differences can be easily identified with the help of this method and the inspectors will easily identify dampened areas due to the excess presence of moisture. Identifying the hot spots will reveal the areas from which the heat is escaping and the integrity of the roof will be tested in a detailed manner as well.

When roof leak goes unnoticed for a prolonged period of time, the condition of the leaks will become worse and you will have to spend a lot of money for repairs. Roof leaks should be found out as early as possible because it can adversely affect the longevity of the roof and when the water flow gets obstructed due to various aspects like leaves and moss, your roof will become more vulnerable to leaks. An accomplished inspector will find out the underlying reason behind roof leaks and some of the well known roof related issues are debris, cracked tiles, flashing damages, plumbing penetrations, gutter blocks and many more.

Since roof replacement causes a huge investment, lenders and insurance companies will always ask you to check the existing condition. These companies definitely want to protect their investments and the same thing can be said about the homeowner. Damaged roof can adversely affect the safety and security of the inmates as well. Reliable inspectors will perform the inspection with great accuracy and all their conclusions about the current condition of the roof will be included in the written report. They will take digital photographs of the defects to show you and you will get highly effective roof maintenance tips when you hire an accomplished home inspection professional.
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Significance of a Home inspection when remodeling your Home or Condominium

A good home or condo is a place where you feel comfortable and safe living in together with your family or any other person who means the world to you. This being the case, it is important to make adjustments every time and again at home in order to maintain the same level of comfort and security.

In case you are interested in making a few changes [upgrades] at home you should first off start by hiring a certified home inspector to come and assess the condition that the home is in before and most importantly after the home improvement. Hiring a professional before the home improvement is very important because:-

a. He/she will inspect the home or apartment and then point out all the key areas which he/she strongly feels are responsible for making the homes less comfortable and need urgent attention in terms of repairs, replacements or upgrades.

b. He/she will also advice you on the best way to go about handling repairs, upgrades in order to make the home have that very comforting feeling it had once before. This way you will find it very easy to merge together his suggestions together with your home improvement ideas consequently making the home even more comfortable in the end.

c. He/she will provide you with a rough budget estimate of the entire home improvement process consequently making it easier for you to plan properly and most importantly rule out any possibilities of running short of funds or materials half way through with the home make over.

On to other matters, home improvements are not an easy task plus they cost a significant amount of money hence you should be well prepared. As far as funding is concerned, you can opt for home improvement loans to take care of each and every aspect of the urgent repairs. These type of loans are specifically meant for home owners looking to make home a few changes at home.

The best thing about this option is the fact that: you are guaranteed enough money to make all necessary home improvements and then pay back slowly as per agreed terms. What’s more, it will save you the trouble of having to worry about using part of your savings or sometimes even all of it to make a few improvements to your home.

Some of the things you can do with the home improvement loan include: paying the home inspector once he is done with the final phase of the inspection that is after the home improvement process has been completed, you can purchase new furniture, redesign your garden or even develop any unused space lying around your compound.

Once you are done with the home improvement process, feel free to call in the home inspector again to carry out the final assessment to ascertain that there was no interference with the existing installations and other important systems such as the electrical/plumbing system which are key components of any house.

Taking into consideration all of the above, it is very clear that home inspection serves to help ascertain that you have improved your lifestyle accordingly and most importantly added value to your home.
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Mold inspection : reasons why you should commission an inspection and an overview of what to expect

Do you own a home or are you looking to purchase one soon? Have you thought about carrying out mold testing long island? Regardless of the situation as long as you suspect that there may be any form of hazardous mold growing in any hidden area of the house make sure that you commission a thorough mold inspection. This is very important because it serves as the guarantee to completely and thoroughly clean your immediate living space making it absolutely free from the ghastly presence of molds.

Why get your home inspected of molds?

In case you are not aware, molds are very ugly plus they are responsible for a series of respiratory related diseases. Molds also have their spores freely floating within the air around the home [in the immediate living space]. Usually, these spores might seem like innocent particles of dust which is never the case. Molds tend to plant their roots deep wherever they are growing consequently developing into very toxic strains which can be very dangerous if left unattended to.

Some family members might be allergic to molds. An allergic reaction caused by molds is rather more severe compared to the other kinds of allergic reactions. For instance, it could lead to development of very serious respiratory problems. Take note, those already with respiratory problems are even more vulnerable hence as the home owner you should focus on carrying out a thorough home mold inspection in order to completely deal with or rule out this possibility.

An overview of testing for molds

It is strongly advised that in case you suspect that there are molds in your house, you should hire an experienced investigator to determine the exact cause of this development and make proper recommendations on how to deal with it. A good mold inspection and testing starts off from the house’s background and emphasizes most on establishing whether or not there has been any recent flooding, leaking of the roof or even any kind of plumbing problem since these are the leading causes of the growth of molds at home.

According to experts in case any of the above tests turn positive then there are very high chances that your house has molds growing. The mold inspector will then carry out a series of tests to point out the visible signs of the development and consequently make recommendations on how to go about dealing with the situation as well as assessing the risk to health.

An overview of mold inspection clean up process

Immediately after the affected area of the house has been established, it is only then that clean up can begin. Usually, the inspector will make recommendations to be followed during the clean up. In fact, the inspector will even choose which kind of isolation strategies should be applied to protect the house occupants as well as their belonging from the effects of mold growth.

In addition to the above, even the type of protective gear worn by the workers who will be charged with the responsibility of eradicating the molds would be determined.

In short, the cleanup process only stands to be very effective if whoever is cleaning has in-depth knowledge of the type of mold which has grown. It is only this way that the likelihood of molds ever growing again is completely ruled out.

Once the size of the affected area is determined, the clean up can begin. The investigator will decide how to tackle the problem, who should do the clean up and what isolation strategies are needed to protect the occupants of home and their belongings. After identifying the type of mold, the investigator can determine what protective gear the workers will need.

In the most cases, the homeowner already has everything needed to start cleaning up the mold. You don’t necessarily need to know the type of mold growing in your home before starting a removal plan.
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Mold inspection tips for your home or business

Molds are very tiny microorganisms which are similar to fungus and have a tendency to become airborne once they reach maturity. They commonly grow on wet / damp surfaces both on the inside as well as the outside of most buildings. The growth of molds has been found to be to be most prevalent in bathrooms, kitchen spaces and in most basements. It has also been found to be responsible for a variety of health related complications such as asthma, pneumonia, headaches, skin irritation etc. In spite of the above; it is very comforting to know that the growth of molds can be completely halted through routine mold Inspection NYC. This type of inspection is very important because it serves as a guarantee to identify any kind of hidden issues as a result of the growth of molds which may be gradually making your home uncomfortable.

Since molds have a variety of places from where they can thrive in, it is very important to take advantage of mold inspection services in order to pinpoint the source of molds and consequently get rid of any molds which may have already grown / gotten attached to the walls of your building. To make things easier for you when dealing with the growth of molds, here are a few mold inspection tips for your home or business premises. They include:

a) Frequently check areas where molds are prevalent e.g. in the bathroom, the basement, kitchen etc. this is very important especially if your building is fairly old. Old buildings are most prone to experience growth of molds mainly because of constant leaking as well as the existence of different areas of dampness hence be on the lookout. Also make sure that you check area hidden from the eye such as the windowsill, leaking roof, under sinks etc

b) Hire a certified mold inspector to carry out a thorough inspection of your house immediately you notice or suspect that an infection might be spreading around the house. Hiring a professional serves as a guarantee figure out whether there are any pores present in the air around the house which may be causing the illness, and in case any is found, their point of origin will be established and all of it will be completely gotten rid of.

c) Carryout a thorough clean up of the areas where leaking / dampness is most prevalent. Also check for and make necessary repairs as doing so will help rule out the possibility of molds ever growing again once they are completely cleared off.

d) Upon identifying an area where molds have grown, make sure that you avoid cross contamination [direct contact with the micro organisms when cleaning]. The best approach to getting rid of the molds is to use a strong disinfectant which does not in any way compromises the atmosphere of the house or business premises when used.

Everything taken into consideration, it is very clear that: taking into consideration all of the above not only serves as a guarantee to not only address the growth of molds but also completely rule out any possibilities of future growth/ re-growth of the molds.
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Top 4 reasons to hire a home inspector

Buying a home can always be described as one of the biggest investments in your life. What are the most important things to consider before taking the final decision?

One of the most important things is to conduct a home inspection and you should identify a reliable professional to perform this task. Some people always believe that buying a home is already an expensive affair and what is the point in spending some more additional dollars for a home inspection? Here are the top 4 reasons that make the process of hiring a competent and reliable home inspector truly inevitable:

1) Protects you from the unknown

It is a well known fact that conflict of interest potentially exists between the buyer and real estate seller. The opposing parties may pressure you to arrive at a decision fast and some people often get trapped in these situations. When you hire a reliable inspection agency that does not have any conflict of interest, they will assess the existing condition of the home in an objective manner.

2) You cannot see all defects with naked eyes

Building a home can be described as a complex activity that involves different types of procedures and since all these activities are occurring at the same time, monitoring all phases of construction without missing every single aspect is almost an impossible task. Some problems can be found out in newly constructed homes as well as old buildings and keeping these issues unresolved can invite serious consequences over a period of time. You may not be able to detect these problems with the naked eye and a professional inspector will identify all these problems using advanced equipment. Professional expertise is absolutely essential to detect issues like defective HVAC unit, roof leaks, raised roof shingles, organic growth on wood framing and other structural defects as well.

3) Identifying all defects well in advance will save a lot of time, money and effort

When you purchase a new home, it is always advisable to correct all defects before you move in. If you move in without addressing all these issues, you will have to deal with them and be inconvenienced. It will also result in unexpected costs, time and effort as well. Instead of spending for home inspection, you may have to spend more unanticipated money for repairs in the immediate future. All these potential problems can be solved when you seek the help of an experienced home inspector.

4) You can always expect a better resale value

You cannot always guarantee that you are going to stay in your home forever because circumstances can change in an unexpected manner. That is exactly why you should look towards the future while buying a home and proper property inspection will help you maintain your home in the best possible manner to enjoy better resale value in the future.

All these 4 reasons clearly pinpoint the importance of conducting inspections with the help of reliable and reputed professional. The process of identifying your dream home will become highly result oriented as well.
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Everything that you need to know about mold

How many types of mold are present in this world? There are more than 400000 types of molds out there and out of which, only 100000 have been named. What about the number of molds that you can usually come across indoors? The number of molds found in indoors comes around 1000 and approximately, 80 types of known molds can invite serious diseases to the humans. Generally, molds can be classified into three categories based on human responses and they include allergenic
molds, pathogenic molds and toxigenic molds.

Allergenic molds

These types of molds do not cause any serious health complications to the inmates and at the same time; they are going to make a negative impact on people who have been facing asthmatic and allergic problems. The human system reacts to allergenic molds only in a mild manner and the response differs with individual sensitivity as well. Some of the common problems that people may experience due to the presence of these molds are nose irritation, eye irritation, rashes and scratchy throats. These molds can survive during the cold climate and most of them become dormant during the winter season. They will become more active after the winter and they thrive on the vegetation that has been killed by the winter cold. The presence of these types of molds can be identified with the help of mold testing.

Pathogenic molds

The meaning of the pathogenic is? capable of causing health problems’ and as the name suggests, these molds can create some type of infection. Healthy individuals can withstand the dangers involved with these molds and at the same time; they can cause critical problems in people with compromised, suppressed or underdeveloped immune system. Prolonged exposure to pathogenic molds can lead to serious problems like hypersensitivity pneumonitis as well. In order to identify the presence of these molds in their homes; people should hire an experienced mold inspection professional and he/she will conduct a detailed examination to find out the intensity of mold infestation.

Toxigenic molds

Toxigenic molds are highly dangerous and these types of molds are also known as black molds. They produce mycotoxins to cause serious health problems because mycotoxins are fungal metabolites that have been identified as toxic agents. The most common toxigenic mold species are Fusarium, Aspergillus, Memnoniella, Trichoderma and Penicillium and, the presence of these types of molds should be identified as soon as possible. Constant exposure to these types of molds can lead to critical respiratory diseases and they can also invite memory loss and fatigue as well. Competent home inspectors will help people identify toxic molds and they will conduct different types of tests including air quality tests and surface tests to make their findings really conclusive and fact-based.

Professional help is also essential to remove mold spores from houses because common people are not aware of the fact that dead molds are equally dangerous like living molds. Simply killing the toxic molds will not serve the purpose and mold spores will have to be removed carefully to ensure complete mold infestation elimination.
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Different types of home inspections

Home inspections can be classified into different categories and they include electrical system inspection, heating and cooling system inspection, chimney inspection, wood destroying pest inspection, foundation inspection, soil stability inspection, roof inspection, sewer or septic system inspection, mold inspection, easements and encroachment inspection, asbestos inspection and plumbing system inspection. An ordinary home inspection may not be specialized in all these areas and they will recommend you to hire the services of other professionals who are specialized in various categories. Reputed and competent companies will have specialized professionals in all these areas and they will conduct different types of inspections with great skill and expertise. Here is an overview of different types of home inspections:

Electrical system inspection

Electrical system inspections will tell you whether your electrical box is city code-compliant or not and they will also make you aware about the costs involved with the replacement of old electrical box and other related accessories. Experienced professionals will also suggest the best brands to replace the damaged electrical parts and all your doubts about the existing condition of the electrical system will be clarified in a detailed manner as well.

Heating and cooling system inspection

In order to identify the existing condition, you need to conduct heating and cooling system inspection and you will also come to know about whether the system needs replacement or not. Competent professionals will also identify the cracks in the heat exchanger and the malfunctioning of the furnace will be analyzed in a detailed manner as well. These types of inspections will also give you an idea about the costs involved with the repair works and replacement of the HVAC system.

Chimney inspection

The most common problem with old chimneys is the crumbling of bricks inside and chimney inspection will identify this defect in a crystal clear manner. The absence of flue liners will adversely affect the functioning of the chimney and this aspect will be inspected in a detailed manner as well. Experienced inspection professionals will let you know about the expenses involved with the chimney repair works as well.

Wood destroying pest inspection

Pest infection can be described as an extremely annoying problem and this type of inspection will give you a clear cut idea about the existing condition and you will also get better idea about the cost of the remedial steps to be taken.

Foundation inspection

The current condition of the foundation of your home should be assessed deeply because the safety and life-span of your home depend heavily on the foundation.

Home is usually built on a slab or raised foundation and quality professionals will identify different foundation problems like sliding and faulty foundation with great accuracy. They will also give you an idea about the expenses involved with the repair works.

Soil stability inspection

Hillside areas will be more vulnerable to soil contamination and houses, situated in the hillside areas will always stand in with a chance of sliding away during rainstorm.

Soil stability inspection assumes great significance in such a situation and this type of inspection will analyze the present condition in a detailed manner.

Roof inspection

Nobody will ever buy a house with serious roofing problems. Roof inspection will help you to identify problems like leaks and other damages and you will also come to know about the cost of the repair works to be performed.

Sewer or septic system inspection

Undermining the importance of sewer inspection may result in unwanted complications and it is absolutely essential to conduct this type of inspection to identify the current issues and the modifications to be made.

Mold inspection

Mold infestation will affect the indoor air quality adversely and it can also invite a lot of health problems for the inmates. Experienced professionals will conduct mold inspection to assess the present condition and they will give quality advice about the solutions as well.

Easements and encroachment inspection

Though title policy of the owner will give you an idea about easements and physical inspection is necessary to identify some encroachments.

Asbestos inspection

During the construction of many old homes, asbestos materials might have been used and asbestos inspection will provide a better idea about the presence of this dangerous element.

Plumbing system inspection

In order to identify all plumbing related problems, you need to conduct plumbing system inspection with the help of a competent professional. This type of inspection will provide all information about the existing condition and also about cost of the repair works to be done.
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Perform black mold inspection to keep your home neat and healthy

Black mold can be described as the most dangerous mold species available in these days. If you find that mold is growing in your NYC home, you should immediately conduct a black mold inspection NYC since black mold poses great threat to the people who live in areas that are contaminated by it. Nobody wants to risk their health and that is why many people have been conducting mold inspection immediately upon seeing some visible mold. Common people may not be able to identify mold growth using the naked eye and you may need to hire professionals who are better equipped to find hidden mold. These trained professionals will look for certain indicators and they will make use of the correct tools to dig deeper into the heart of the problem. That is how they identify potential mold infestations in a quick and efficient manner. When you seek the help of an experienced professional, the process of inspecting black mold will become a less complicated process.

How can you identify the best professional? Word of mouth recommendations can always be described as a good option and you can ask friends, relatives and colleagues for recommendations. If all these people do not know anything about mold testing, you can ask the service provider for references and reputed companies will never show any hesitation to hand over a few references. You should make adequate preparations when an inspector comes to check out the areas in your home and he/she will use special equipment to find out potential mold problems. Some of the most common places that should be checked for infestation include crawl spaces, basements, attics, kitchens and bathrooms and it is always advisable to check other areas as well where moisture presence is a bit higher.

Quality professionals will always perform indoor vs. outdoor spore count because it will help inspectors identify whether the amount of mold spores available inside the home is higher than those on the outside. Other tasks that a competent inspector focuses on include collecting indoor air sampling and visible growth tests and, they are being done to find out the specific type of mold problem that you experience. When a home inspector identifies and tests the suspect areas like leaky roof, plumbing issues and busted pipe, he/she will come up with the correct information about the root cause of the mold problem. The findings will not be confined to identifying the causes alone and the inspection report will also tell about the correct plan of action to eliminate this problem. You can also ask reliable black mold inspection companies to recommend a mold remediation professional so that the removal process becomes truly result oriented as well.

Some inspectors also perform the remediation services and you should ask direct questions about the entire process even before they conduct the inspection process. Exact details about the cost should also be inquired to avert the possibility of hidden costs. Mold growth has always been an alarming problem for a huge number of people and you need to find out a trustworthy professional to perform mold testing in a cost effective and result oriented way.
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