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The Hell That Awaits Me
        So I suppose
this will be a relatively short post.  I
just want to take the time to discuss the concept of Heaven and Hell.  I imagine that most people probably don’t put
too much thought into this, but recently I have.  Here's what doesn't add up f...

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What about the other gods?
Christianity wasn't the first religion
to exist and it certainly won't be the last. 
This was the basis one of the first truly skeptical thoughts I had as a
child.  I learned about ancient
Greek/Roman mythology and it sparked my skepticism.  Surely those an...

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God…Eat A Snickers…
considering God, as he is in the Bible, one can't help but think how flawed he
is.  One might even say that he displays

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God? Is that you?
touched on this in the past but it always seem to come back at me: " I know God exists because I can feel his
presence in my...

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Sam Harris vs. Andrew Sullivan debate
  I just finished reading a debate between Sam Harris and Andrew Sullivan on Sam Harris' website.   You can find the debate her...

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Who Made God?
When I was a young boy (around 8 years of age) I asked my dad, "If God made everything, who made God?"   His answer to me was r...

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