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salty, spicy, crunchy.
salty, spicy, crunchy.

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This is, without a doubt, the best set of Tips I've seen on using G+. Lots of power user ideas here. Hint: Use the Chrome browser, a lot of the tips are Chrome extensions, and G+ is so much faster in Chrome.

Also, the G+ guide written by G+ users in Google Docs continues to grow: -- this one is more exhaustive (not in a tip format) and will help new and expert users.

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‎6 Polynesian sailing canoes sailing their way underneath the Golden Gate Bridge Saturday afternoon 4:30pm! Sailing all the way from New Zealand for eco-awareness about the health of our oceans. Hope you guys get a chance to catch a glimpse.

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doesn't beat my custom paddle droidy from jy, but love all these droids!
The Androids of Google I/O 2011 (25 photos)
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AnonyMouse meeting begins with a discussion on browsers...

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Overnight delivery of...cupcakes! (this from sy's awesome niece last week)

YO! +Kenji Kawakami bwahahaha! I'll g+ before fb'ing you...but whey da heck you on twit...? eh?

Ok, so g+ is fun, and interesting, but I rilly rilly need it to work with flickr and twitter (s'ok if we dump fb)...

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Homemade customized paddler droidy Thx to joycey!!!
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