I don't typically post personal things publicly to Google+, but this time I am for two reasons: advice and accountability.

I've never liked running. I've tried to like running, and I'm inspired by people who seem to truly enjoy it. It seems like such an ideal form of exercise, since you can do it inside or outside, at a gym or just around the neighborhood. But any time I've tried to get into it, I always end up stopping. I get bored and it feels like my body just doesn't want to be running. So, for the third (!) time, I started the couch to 5k program this week. This time, I'm going to stick with it and finish it and actually run a 5k after I complete it!

To make that happen, I decided I'm going to do some things differently. Instead of staring sadly at the timer on the treadmill (I run at the gym, because I'm not a fan of cold weather), I'm going to use Robert Ullrey's podcasts. This will hopefully keep me from getting so bored. I'm also going to try to go into it with a better attitude.

So, I'm posting here for the two reasons I mentioned at the beginning. By posting this here for you all to see, I'll be less likely to get lazy and give up. Also, I'm hoping that some of you have some advice for me. If you used to dislike running but found a way to enjoy it, what worked for you? I'd love to hear some tips!
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