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Quilt Labels
Tradition holds that all quilted items one makes should have labels. When I first started quilting, I made a lovely, lovely wall hanging for a couple of my family members. I put a label on it and was told that it ruined the possibility of having a reversed ...

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Row Crops...errr...Quilts. Row Quilts
I am still machine quilting horizontal row stitches on the Row by Row Mystery quilt, and have at least another day yet before that part of quilting is complete. I find myself singing the best of 'rowing' songs: Row, row, row your boat! I think this was a go...

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Channel Quilting
Because of some of the quilting tutorials I have watched, I learned that Channel Quilting is one of the better choices for a home quilter on a small machine can use with a quilt that has a lot of applique to it. It is simply straight lines with an equal dis...

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Eureka is the name of the most recent block for the Gratitude quilt. Long ago, I was told that life grants us a chance, but not really a fair shake. It's up to us to make a difference in how things turn out. It is getting more difficult to find fabrics in w...

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Oh. I just titled this blog an acronym for What AM I Thinking ? So when I saw the word 'wait', it felt like a good joke on me. I have never been a patient person, and don't wait good at all. It is not even the end of May & I was looking for some new quiltin...

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22/15 Done
This large block in the Mystery quilt was hard to make. First of all, it took larger pieces and towards the end of the selection, coming up with colors & sizes that worked for the block and where it fit was a bit of a challenge. Secondly, the fabric choices...

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A New Week
The Solstice to Solstice Gratitude quilt is getting closer to done. The pattern maker released more of the assembly instructions. The weekend held many activities, and I decided to leave the quilting until Monday. Time away from any activity allows a differ...

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Coming out of the Closet
I love the blues in this quilt and moreover love the choices I made for the fabrics. Sometimes buying new fabric is like completely enjoying life rather than just enduring it.  Every once in awhile, I step outside my closet and buy all the fabrics for a qui...

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Jake's Log Cabin
The center section is pieced and the first two borders are on. I am going to make the next borders a bit wider on the sides. Its long enough but I would like it just a little wider. Easy adjustments. This is the first one I make the blocks in two colors, on...

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The Apron UFO sat here on my ironing board with fabrics that I previously cut to fit for the next steps. There were no notes to self, so all the cut pieces needed to be measured & tagged before proceeding. One pair of strips were cut for the neck ties, so I...
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