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Thanks, Bree Herron​ for having me on Bibliophile Reviews​ today! Always a pleasure to visit. :-)

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I'm at Writing Prompts & Thoughts & Ideas for 3-question Wednesday! Come by to see what inspires me, what color I'd be if I could live in a crayon box, and what I wanted to be when I grew up.

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Twenty free Christian ebooks!

If you haven't read my Native American romance, The Red Feather, you can get a digital copy for free by signing up for my newsletter. You can also get 19 other great Christian novels in various genres! And enter to win one of five $10 gift cards. Offer ends August 21, 2017.

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Inspiring Christian Reads: 20 free ebooks!

Have you read my novel Secrets and Lies? If not, you can get a digital copy for free by signing up for my author newsletter. For a limited time, you can collect up to 20 books in a variety of Christian genres, and maybe win one of 5 $10 gift cards. Offer ends August 21, 2017.

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Totka and Copper Woman are on Vicky Burkhart Sluiter​'s bucket list! Thanks for the sweet mention, Vicky! Friends, head over and see what other books she's looking forward to reading...

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Interview with Michelle Fitzgerald at New Horizons Reviews!
"Michelle: Are there any people in your life who have inspired certain traits in your character(s) or scenes?
April: Dangerous question! Haha! The safest answer is that I named the McGirth baby after..."

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Today, I'm honored to be at Author Linda B Davis's lovely blog! Swing by to maybe learn a little more about me and to meet Linda!
"First, I’m a true ATCK (adult third culture kid). Born to USAF parents in Okinawa, Japan, I didn’t enter the U.S. until my second year..."

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Diversity between the Pages is always great about supporting my books! And I SO appreciate their focus on mixed cultures. Thanks, Diversity!!

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Great review of Bitter Eyes No More!
"From the moment I started to the moment I read the last page I was in my “reading trance”. The world around me didn’t seem to matter. What did matter was Lillian McGirth and Captain Marcus Buck."

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Fun interview with Becky at It's Storytime with Van Daniker! Come by to chat. See you there!

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I HEART this review of Bitter Eyes No More at Reviews by Van Daniker!

"Mrs. Gardner’s thorough research shines throughout the novel and has encouraged me to want to know more about these famous forts and their history. I’ve also probably said this multiple times, but these books should really be a movie or mini-series. They’re wonderfully done and well-written."
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